Modus operandi of watercress oil

Modus operandi of watercress oil


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  • 2.1 components and tools
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Watercress is a plant of leafy vegetables green color and leaves are feathery simple can be eaten before the plant bloom, and it was Watercress used in ancient medicine when the Arabs to the severity and multiplicity of benefits, and we can eat leaves and ripe seeds, and we can also prepare the juice of watercress and drink it leaves, it is produced Watercress oil, multi-Fastkhaddamath, and has several benefits, among them the ability to assist in the process of digesting food, diuretic, activates the human body, stomach cleaning, blood purification.

The watercress oil it contributes to the elimination of fat and cholesterol in the blood because it contains large amounts of acid (Jamalinolenk), sulfur, iodine, iron, calcium and phosphorus, as it is rich in vitamins. Despite the benefits of watercress but excessive eating may cause the injury of a person differently damaged, so it is recommended for pregnant women by reducing its intake also it prevents taken by people infected with thyroid disease.

Going back oil specifically Watercress Vtad method of preparation or industry of the cheapest types of cottage industries, due to the availability of industry requirements in the home, and other requirements you can get them where they are sold to markets easily, required for the preparation of materials and the work of oil, domestic and consequently Watercress offer modus operandi of watercress oil.

Oil Watercress

Components and tools

  • Coconut oil is the original, rigid (solid).
  • Package of fresh watercress.
  • Ordinary kitchen mixer.
  • Ordinary dishes from the kitchen.
  • With wide holes strainer (not tight too much).
  • Clean cotton cloth.
  • Chinese tea.
  • Glass jar for storage.
  • Pot aluminum.

Watercress way oil industry

  • Wash well Watercress package and put it in the refinery to be Watercress filtered water, taking care stirred from time to time to prevent damage.
  • Manfred Jerir in the tea tray to dry completely with continuous stirring.
  • Get a blender and perfusion watercress leaves that we have washed and dried and put them coconut oil and Nkhaltha so enjoy a good mixture.
  • Keep the mixture into the dishes.
  • Empties the mixture into a glass jar and close tightly and stored in a cool and dark room.
  • After a short period of the mixture turns from a liquid to a solid state and becomes like margarine.
  • To melt a mixture of watercress oil put the jar in a water bath (bowl placed where water and boil on the fire and put it inside the jar which the mixture), and so melt the mixture.
  • When the mixture turns from a solid to liquid we close the jar tightly and bring it back to the cold dark room, this process was repeated two to three days.
  • After the end of the stage Watercress oil becomes a liquid, we eliminate him using a clean cloth to get the original and pure Arugula oil.
  • Wash the jar well and are tenchifa well, and re-oil inside watercress, and we can now use the watercress oil.
  • When using watercress oil is rigid so we have to take the required quantity of the jar and put it in a water bath and dissolved or can be melted in a microwave oven.


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