Musk Lake

Musk Lake


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Musk Lake

This lake is classified as artificial lakes created by the Saudi government, a headquarters or dump sewage in the province of Jeddah, quoted this lake its name from the door of mockery and ridicule, and not as it suggests the name given to the emission of odors, including, where the amount of wastewater health where an estimated nineteen million cubic meters of contaminated water, this lake is surrounded by earthen dams.

Musk Lake is located on the road to Mecca to the east of Jeddah, stretching on the highway from the bridge towards Breman by Huda al-Sham, and separates them from the bridge Breman a distance of seventeen kilometers.

Description Lake

The length of earth dams stretching around the lake musk to one thousand and three hundred meters circumference, and a height of about ten meters, while the width of these dams nearly ten meters, and is considered the neighborhoods most affected by the odors emitted from this lake is Samer neighborhoods, and Alojawad, spring due to its proximity to them .

It is noteworthy that this lake receives quantities of sewage exceeds fifty thousand cubic meters by two hundred thousand empty it on the tanker full throughout the day, and the lake rises above sea level, a hundred and twenty-five meters, according to the Saudi Geological Survey.

Lake drying decision

Resorted to Jeddah Municipality to take action and measures necessary to reduce the damage to the coercing health caused by the presence of the lake as well as unpleasant odors emitted by them, they are the people of the region threatens to dramatically as a threat in the event of the collapse of the dam dirt surrounding it, and therefore Sttserb water and raiding the surrounding area , and lead to the sinking and reach dangerous peak in the seasons, rain-fed more than any other time following the possibility of rising water levels out and thus Vidanha, so the decision was made to drain this lake during the period of an estimated maximum of one year, to be followed by action to allow Seoul to return to normal As in the past, and the establishment of basins are water collection which, initiated the national water company to work in this decision and pulled water from the lake.

Sewage water treatment

Saudi Arabia wastewater investments Health attached great importance, resorted to the adoption of a special system in wastewater treatment and recycling in order to achieve the highest degree of safety in the use of this water, which is used after treatment in several areas, including agricultural irrigation, and places of recreational, and as it looked in the future to take advantage of them in groundwater recharge wells and many other uses, came this interest in order to preserve the health of citizens and protect them against transmission of diseases infection to them.

Sewage water is subject within the wastewater treatment system of health in Saudi Arabia for a group of stages, including biological treatment and treatment triple bilateral treatment, and in spite of this great interest only to be some artificial lakes discharge of wastewater, as Lake Musk inflicted serious damage surrounding areas and started the government Saudi Arabia this address recently.


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