Nations and kings history

Nations and kings history


  • 1 Ibn Jarir al-Tabari
  • 2 the history of nations and kings 2.1 importance of the book 2.2 division of the book 2.3 Writing style
  • 2.1 importance of the book
  • 2.2 division of the book
  • 2.3 Writing style

Ibn Jarir al-Tabari

Tabari was born in the city I hope Btabrstan, keeping the Koran at an early age so that he was praying people and is eight years old, and the enjoyment of the ability to save easy to him combine many of the science and knowledge of knocking and evidence, and was a devout and Ora and one of the most important scholars and imams of the Sunnis and the community , many of the compositions of which has left the largest two books situation in the interpretation and history, two Tabari named Mosque statement, and its history called the history of nations and kings, or the history of the apostles and kings, and promise two main sources for both students of history and jurisprudence, has Tabari died at the age of five and eighty years.

Nations and kings history

The importance of the book

Date of DSI is an essential source for all Islamic scholars of history, because it is the most accurate and systematic between the Arab business work in history, has followed Tabari a comprehensive approach in the writing of the history of nations and kings closer to the approach used in modern science, reaching the novel in which a great end to the Secretariat, was not limited Tabari on the history since the emergence of Islam but went beyond that, and began its history since the inception of creation, relying on the writings that preceded historians such as Al-Baladhuri, Yacoubi, and Waaqidi, and he became a mentor to those who came after him from historians Arab senior Kappen Khaldoun, Ibn Al Atheer, and Masoudi .

The division of the book

  • Began Tabari his praise of God and praise him and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and then spoke about the reasons that prompted him to put this author habit of Arab intellectuals at that time, and began the first section of the book by mentioning the first time and evidence that it occurs, and then the story of creation to the creation of Adam, peace be upon him, and after the mention of the prophets and apostles with exposure to incidents that occurred in their times, and compared to those incidents from various sources, including in the Qur'an, said news of kings ear lived through those prophets and nations until the Prophet mission peace be upon him.
  • The second section of the book, which is the Islamic section, begins on the migration of the Prophet peace be upon him, and until three hundred and two immigration, and relied on the annual division, public remembrance and months of his days and the most important events that took place in it, was able to Tabari that combines disparate materials between the books modern and different interpretations, literature, Sir Maghazi, and through coordination between them created a new historical novel into the trust of the reader in addition to the offer of it interesting.

Writing style

Tabari relied on modern style in the history of nations and kings, where he recounts the latest historical, followed by Balsnd Ananh way until you reach the companions, and do not express his opinion on the transfer in advance recipe objectivity in the writing of history, and in most parts of the book.


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