Oil Benefits Alill

Oil Benefits Alill

Blepharis Blepharis ciliaris

Belongs plant lizard to the species spiny plants Aloguentah or Acanthaceae perennials, which are grown widely in the desert regions around the world, where high and dry heat, especially in the Arab world, including areas in the Arabian Peninsula regions and the Sinai desert, and called this type of plant many of the names Kalnqaa and Shaah or plant blepharis and turbid lizard and Naghi and Shah and meningitis and Zgv and fork-Deeb, and these names vary depending on the different growing areas.

Divided plant lizard into two main types blepharis slave and abbreviated Latin Blepharis attenuata, where he is particularly cultivated in the Levant, and blepharis Mahdb or Blepharis ciliaris and are grown in both the Levant and Egypt, and in respect of a way to use the lizard, the drying of the seeds of the plant lizard and burning , well then milled to obtain powder Alill, note that the active substances in this type of plant is in both alkaloids and flavonoids and tannins and sterols.

Oil Benefits Alill

Plant Alill many benefits, including the following:

  • Painted oil extracted from the lizard plant is localized on many areas of the body in order to get rid of the pain associated with arthritis, muscle aches, and also addresses the problems of bone and back pain in general.
  • It helps to treat cough, and reduce the severity of symptoms associated with colds and flu.
  • Holding his papers are considered very useful for treating sexual problems of weakness, where strengthens sexual ability and desire of the parties, and help to increase the penis size.
  • It is used as a natural antibiotic contamination, where he owns a sterile and antiseptic properties, and struggles of various infections, and helps to heal the wounds in a short time, and helps to stop the bleeding, and is considered a seed very effective in this aspect.
  • The Paul-generating, and rids the body of accumulated toxins, as used flowers on a large scale to get rid of stomach aches.
  • It strengthens the view, and treats inflammation of the eyes, including white water, used by some in the industry eye as a solution.
  • Some plants as fodder for camels and goats used.

Despite the great benefits to health from the use of blepharis plants and other natural elements, but the excessive use of these elements in quantities greater than the body's need, accompanied by many complications and health risks that appear in the form of reverse undesirable results, so it must always taking medical advice before resorting to folk medicine or alternative medicine.


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