Oil Benefits of anise

Oil Benefits of anise


  • 1 improve digestion
  • 2 relieve the symptoms of rheumatism
  • 3 relieve symptoms associated with menopause
  • 4 increase milk yield
  • 5 disease prevention
  • 6 head lice treatment
  • 7 Other benefits of oil anise
  • 8 References

Improve digestion

Oil Anise works effectively to improve digestion, reduce bloating, especially after eating a big meal, and can be used by mixing a few drops of oil with the proper amount of water, and taken after meals. [1]

Relieve the symptoms of rheumatism

Oil Anise contains powerful properties work on the fight against rheumatism, it works to reduce pain and inflammation, improve blood circulation, and is used by massaging the affected area with oil, plus it is also used to relieve cramps and muscle spasms, where oil Anise works to soothe cramps and muscle relaxation . [1]

Relieve symptoms associated with menopause

One of the clinical studies have shown that effective anise oil in reducing the severity and frequency of hot flashes, which are infected by women after the menstrual cycle interruption, and can be used by mixing two drops of oil in a glass of water, and eat once a day for one week. [2]

Increase milk yield

Studies have shown that oil aniseed contributes effectively to increase milk yield among nursing women, where the work of the hormone estrogen works in the body, and thus it is considered effective to promote breastfeeding. [3]

Disease prevention

Oil anise contains anti-oxidant compounds, which works effectively in preventing the body from infection of various diseases, such as disorders related to aging, cancer, and aging, in addition is oil aniseed anti-epilepsy, hysteria, and congestion, and carminative. [4]

Head lice treatment

The oil aniseed safe alternative than other chemical treatments for head lice, it contributes effectively to get rid of head lice as oil coconut. [5] can also be used repellent natural insect, it is considered toxic to most insect pests, such as mosquitoes, flies. [1]

Other benefits of oil anise

Oil Anise many benefits and other uses, the most important: [5]

  • Live pain.
  • Used as a spice to Tngkeh food.
  • Used as an aphrodisiac in ancient times.
  • Used to maintain the health of the mouth, he enters the toothpaste industry and mouthwash.


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