Olive oil and garlic for hair

Olive oil and garlic for hair


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The human hair needs special care and attention to women, it is an integral part of beauty marks, where reflects the culture of women and their interest in itself, it is known that there are many problems exposed hair, as a problem of precipitation, and drought, as well as embrittlement and others that have made women resort to the use of chemicals because their results faster.

The chemicals are not the ideal solution to get rid of hair problems; Because it causes damage to health after a period of use, so it prefers to resort to the use of the safest natural materials, in addition to the amazing results you provide for your hair Madam, but you need a little patience and the choice of materials to suit the nature of your hair. Here in this article we will talk about the benefits of olive oil and garlic for hair.

olive oil

The olive oil of the most widely used natural materials in the areas of beauty and attention to the body's health internally and externally, like poetry, skin, skin and other, as olive oil is full of vitamins such as vitamin E, which is considered one of the most important vitamins are beneficial for the hair and skin, as well as a good proportion of saturated fat and unsaturated, as well as antioxidants that play an important role in maintaining the health of the scalp, and the treatment of many hair problems.

the Garlic

Garlic contains natural materials give hair many benefits, and the most prominent material substance allicin, which works on protecting hair and his coat of problems that afflict them, especially that this article is sulphurous any material that it is an anti-oxidant, works to protect the hair from the precipitation.

Garlic also contains various vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin C as well as some minerals, keratin protein, which is a component of hair.

Olive oil and garlic for hair

Previously we mentioned that garlic and olive oil contain substantial benefits, given the vital hair, the necessary health, but how is the use of garlic and olive oil for hair?

There is an easy way that can be used at home and do not require much effort, and give amazing results of hair are as follows:

  • Cut the Hptin of garlic into small pieces, preferably garlic chili type, and can be differentiated through the red shell.
  • Put the garlic cut above the amount of olive oil, so oil floats above the garlic pieces, preferably warm oil.
  • National put the mixture on your hair starting from the scalp down to the parties, with garlic pieces, and then cover your hair used to cover oil bath, for two hours and then wash your hair, and can repeat this process three times a week.

The benefits of olive oil and garlic for hair

  • Hair intensify, as a mixture of garlic and olive oil stimulates the follicles on the germination of new filaments strong.
  • Hair extension, which gives him the required food, which helps to increase the length of the hair.
  • Protect hair from precipitation through the strengthening of the hair roots.
  • Hair straighteners and facilitate methods of discharge, and give him a gloss finish and healthy appearance.

Video recipes garlic to intensify hair

To learn more about recipes garlic to intensify hair watch the video.


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