Photography Date

Photography Date


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Photography Date

The history of photography due to the discovery of dark camera or dark principles, made by Ibn al-Haytham in the ninth century, and who has had many experiences in the field of optics, has been observed in which the appearance of some of the material change when exposed to light, but it remained the same until 1800 AD approximately, when the Thomas by first attempts that have been documented despite the failure.

The actual date of Photography

In the mid-twenties of the nineteenth century it succeeded inventor and French physicist Nicéphore Niépce in his attempt, despite the immaturity of the final results in the beginning, and then continued Assistant Nabs (Louis Daguerre) in his attempts, and he developed a process (Aldagirah), which was considered the first filming process was announced about, exposure to camera minutes this operation was required to be a clear picture of the production of fine detail, this camera commercially was presented in 1839, and considers this date is the birth of practical shooting.

Aldegirah process relied on metals, after its success and faced a number of processes competition, the English invention, William Fox Talbot, who worked on clearing the image through the processes of printing salt and negative Altobeb.

Newly imaging

Recent innovations have worked for the process Altsoaraly reduce the time required to take the picture to a few seconds, and finally you need to become a few fractions of a second.

These innovations have contributed to providing many of the media pictorial modern, which have had a profound impact on the appropriateness and sensitivity, and also economically, Kalasthaddam informal wrapped films by photography enthusiasts, in addition to this, they allowed the colorful pictures, in addition to images in black and white.

Of the latest imaging cameras and digital electronic, which appeared in the nineties of the twentieth century, and the latest appearance of this revolution in the field of photography, and with the atheist and the twentieth century, the increased marginalization of the traditional means of photography, based chemicals and films, what technological means of modern pros in this field, which contributed exponentially, as well as to the reasonableness of the price and improve continuously.

Imaging term

Is credited in the drafting of photography's name to the mathematician and astronomer English Sir John Frederick William Herschel in one thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine AD, was a quote the word depiction of the Greek language in the word (Vos), came form the addition Votos, which means in the meaning of light, but the word Graffy means writing or drawing, and when the words together, the meeting becomes the meaning of (drawing light).


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