Photography Definition

Photography Definition


Science and art is competent to take pictures by recording light or electromagnetic radiation to others or certain objects, either electronically via a sensor images, or by chemically sensitive material to light, such as photographic film.

Is a particular combination of different types of imaging techniques that provide the viewer a message or a scene in the form of art, and the most important factors that help to get the best images are; The correct angle, the right lighting, good lens, and it must change lenses depending on the type of lighting and the image to be captured.

Usually lens is used to focus the light reflected or emitted from objects to the center of the image on the sensitive surface of the light inside the camera while taking the picture, and when you use the image device e-electric is produced charge in each pixel (pixel) of the image, which is processed electronically and stored in the image file digital camera in, or are processed according to the old way of setting images in a special solution inside the rooms with lighting very light.

Photography types

There are many types of imaging, which address many of the patterns capture images, in this article we will give you the most important and most prevalent in the field of imaging, which is as follows:

  • Fashion Photography: It is one of the most desired types of work when photographers; Because it is among the most jobs that are paid high wages on them, as it is considered as a gateway to enter the world of glittering fashion.
  • Nature photography: The nature photography does not involve taking pictures of plants or trees only, but also combines the landscape photography through the eyes of the photographer, which highlights and enhances the overall beauty of the area is photographed, and the means to take anything outdoors.
  • Wildlife photography: is the style of photography which is a bit of a challenge to Msurien; Because it is a kind of risk, and any photographer who wants to specialize in this area he must possess good field experience and a lot of patience to allow him to capture the perfect picture at the right time.
  • Photography black and white: is the style of classic photography, which highlights the real beauty of the image shows a picture more realistic.
  • Travel shooting: This type of photography combines a passion for travel photographer and his love of photography, which creates stunning images and fascinating, which is one of the most jobs favored by photographers, because they provide them with the wide range of creativity in taking pictures.
  • Aerial photography: a kind of imaging that provides pictures of interesting people and new landscapes and areas to discover that you can not see them with the naked eye from Earth, show a lot of differences between the views of the Earth and the images taken from the air.


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