Preventive measures to maintain the integrity of the atmosphere

Preventive measures to maintain the integrity of the atmosphere


The atmosphere is composed of a layer of gases that are wrapped around a material with the body of sufficient mass, and come to take this depending on the body's gravity as it helps to keep the existence of the body within the scope of the atmosphere or gases for as long as possible in the event of high gravity ratio and low temperature of the atmosphere , it referred to as the planets that lie within this casing is also made up of gases.

As can the atmosphere be defined as that layer composed of gaseous mixture and surrounding ground ball that attracted him to do what is owned by the ground gravity and enters in the composition of this cover 78% of nitrogen gas, and the ratio of oxygen is estimated at 21%, while the rest of the gases shall be taken the rest of the ratio, except 0.9% are private Balorgon, this atmosphere and lead an important role in protecting the earth from ultraviolet radiation that falls on it from the sun, and ease the heat, rising up the atmosphere to more than ten thousand square kilometers above sea level, it must be noted that without this atmosphere of what we have been able to live on the surface of this planet we can breathe and Thanks to him to get fresh water, and mild temperature.

Atmospheric sections

It divided the atmosphere into three layers, and all these layers surrounding the globe, namely:

  • Troposphere, the lower layer, and the advantage of being the closest to the Earth's surface, and temperature ranges between 6.5 -1 degree Celsius per kilometer of gravity, and the higher you go by the temperature goes down.
  • The stratosphere layer, comes center-aligned between the lower layers and upper, and ranges from a height above sea level between approximately 21-65 kilometers, and is unique that there is no climatic fluctuations or storms, but it is considered the most important layer to the presence of the ozone layer with which constitutes a protection layer to the surface of the Earth, which sends the sun of UV.
  • Mesosphere, which is the upper layer between the layers of the atmosphere, and the height ranges between 50-85 km above sea level.

Preventive safety measures atmospheric

  • Governments have states work hard to reduce emissions of gases caused by global warming, especially carbon dioxide.
  • Strict laws on how the use of fossil energy and rationalization.
  • Raise energy efficiency.
  • Find radical solutions to reduce the problem of car exhaust emissions.
  • Prevent the use of leaded gasoline and processing as well.
  • Given vegetation cover of great importance and preserved because of its role in purifying the air.
  • Reduction of population expansion over-forest account, where positive forests affect the preservation of air pollution.
  • Ensure periodic maintenance of machines and appliances that burn fuel, both it was stationary or moving.


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