Reasons for not going down weight with dieting

Reasons for not going down weight with dieting


  • 1 eat a lot of food
  • 2 lack of protein intake
  • 3 eat without concentration
  • 4 lack of drinking water
  • Video 5 Justification for not losing weight
  • 6 References

Eat plenty of food

One of the main reasons for the lack of weight loss is the lack of balance between the number of calories eaten versus the number of calories burned, so in the absence of the person's attention to the amount of the caloric intake during the diet could lead to the loss of weight, the study published in the show Journal of the American Medical Association, was conducted on 190 adults, that about 99% of them have reduced the amount of calories in foods rich in them, so you must calculate the calories before eating if the person wanted the success of the food diet. [1]

Lack of protein intake

One protein is considered the most important elements needed for weight loss, as the protein intake by 25-30% of the calories may boost metabolism by 80-100 calories a day, and reduces the amount of calories eaten daily, increases the sense of satiety by reducing the desire eating snacks, where studies suggest that people who eat breakfast are rich in protein feel hungry and wanting to eat by less throughout the day, protein and helps prevent slowing metabolism and food, which helps avoid weight regain lost again. [2]

Eat without concentration

Can eat lead food when sources of distractions or lack of focus to push the person to eat more food without awareness of amounts, such as eating when you watch TV or play video games and other sources of distraction, then it will not be able person to keep track of the quantities of food covered, not even calorie amounts which, according to a study conducted in 2011 in the American Journal of clinical nutrition calculation showed that lunch while playing a game on the computer may make people feel uncomfortable satiety after eating their meals compared to people who there was no distracts them, they also did not remember what has been ate lunch, and when offered them other meals after half an hour, 100% of them have consumed a meal again, according to researchers from the University of Bristol. [3]

Lack of drinking water

It can help to drink 2-6 glasses of water a day to lose more weight, as the water does not contain calories, so it fills the thirst without adding any weight, and when water drinking enough less than the desire to drink soft drinks, coffee, beverages and sugar-rich, because high sugar is closely linked to increased weight. [4]

Video justification for not losing weight

Watch the video to know more about the justification not to lose weight:


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