Reasons for the lack of water in the Arab Peninsula

Reasons for the lack of water in the Arab Peninsula

Water problem

The problem of water supply potable of the most serious problems and the most important issues facing the current generations and future generations, there are many things that have led to increased consumption of water, where water sources are currently in no longer sufficient depending on the population increase rapidly, in addition to its exposure to pollution by factory waste , high temperature, resulting in the evaporation process acceleration due to global warming, all this has led to the creation of a water crisis, and has become the water currently is not sufficient only for three-quarters of the population of the planet, where suffering the rest of the shortage or contamination in the water supply, and that the Nations United General to declare 2003 a special year of interest and water conservation.

The reasons for the lack of water in the Arabian Peninsula

The problem of water supply a big problem for all human beings are Aamz and the Arab region in particular, and perhaps the most Arab regions suffering from a lack of scarcity of water resources is the peninsula Arab region, where this region suffers from large water problems, particularly the problems of water supply potable, One of the reasons that led to this recall:

  • Nature Climate: The climate of the peninsula Arab region is very desert, where witnessing the temperature increased significantly in most of the year, which leads to a lack of rain winter or even non-existent, thus reducing the amount of groundwater that collects rainwater, and lead high-temperature to increase the speed of the process of evaporation of surface water there.
  • And increased consumption of the population: witnessing the peninsula Arab region, a significant increase in the population than they can water sources have a bear, it is estimated that per capita consumption, there are approximately 250-700 liters of water per day, and is this excessive consumption for the region suffer from the scarcity of Machar water.
  • The lack of surface water are under way: the lack of rain led to the lack of surface water such as rivers or springs in the Arab Peninsula, where only some of the floods that accumulate at the slopes of the mountains after rainfall and water collects there.
  • Absence of water rescue plan: water sources led attrition are ill-advised to breach stocks groundwater without an alternative plan to compensate for the increased consumption or even reduce consumption, which form an increasing pressure on the salt water to cover the desalination needs of the population of this region, which led to water pollution groundwater, and increase the degree of salinity.


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