Recipes hair moisturizing

Recipes hair moisturizing

Hair hydration process process is required and desirable from everyone and especially we were to the heat of the sun in summer becomes dry hair fragile, so we looked a lot about hair moisturizers away from cosmetics as it contains chemicals manufactured and found recipes from proven too much and using natural ingredients and have good results and used by beauty centers and you those recipes that give poetry wet shiny and strong

The first recipe: more useful for owners of dry hair and curly and components of saffron, honey and lemon are five tablespoons preparation of saffron powder and one teaspoon of white honey and lemon is squeezed is boiled saffron ground leaves for ten minutes and filtered liquid impurities and after cooling is added lemon juice and honey and then put mix on the hair for twenty minutes and after the hair is washed with cold water to find more shine and moisture hair

Recipe II: painting somewhat preparing olive oil, mint, and the number one egg is mixed ingredients by a tablespoon of olive oil and a half teaspoon of peppermint oil and egg and mix well to get the proper fabric placed on the hair for a period of twenty minutes and covers a plastic lid or a hot towel to keep the degree of heat and then wash cold water together a few of the means of bathing and the process is repeated more than once to reach the required gloss and moisture

Recipe Third: by banana peel, olive oil and coconut oil is prepared by six of the banana peels and half a cup of olive oil and a fair cup of coconut oil is mixed ingredients, preferably Balkhalat electrolysis to get the fabric appropriate and homogenized and then placed on the hair for two hours with a cover hair plastic cover or warm towel for two hours and then wash the hair with cold water and liquid bath

Recipe fourth: By Rose Mary, olive oil is very useful and note that it is all the recipes or most of them and have great benefits are five tablespoons preparation of olive oil and spoon half of the Rose Mary is boiled olive oil and put rosemary on it after boiling and the distribution of the mixture on the hair and covers the towel hot after twenty minutes wash hair


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