Remove the rumen after caesarean

Remove the rumen after caesarean


  • 1 Breastfeeding
  • 2 drinking water
  • 3 practice aerobics
  • 4 breathing from the abdomen
  • 5 Video tummy after cesarean delivery
  • 6 References


Breastfeeding helps the tummy and get rid of cellulite after cesarean delivery, and breast-feeding helps to burn calories, plus they stimulate the secretion of the hormone "oxytocin" (in English: Oxytocin), which stimulates contractions of the uterus, thereby accelerating the return of the uterus to naturally and improve abdominal appearance, according to the American Society of pregnancy (in English: American pregnancy Association), the nursing mother burns between 425 and 700 calories a day when breast-feeding, which is equivalent to the calories you burn a woman weighing 63.64 kilograms, when jogging a day for an hour approx. [1]

Drinking water

Helps to drink water and eat the same foods high water content such as fruits and vegetables to get rid of fat belly, in addition to big benefits for making breast milk, and studies show the importance of water in the fight against obesity in general and its importance in the burning of fat, it is worth mentioning that the mother can encourage drinking water to keep the body moisture by adding some lemon slices or drops of lemon juice, or some fresh mint leaves into the water, it can also be green tea, and some snacks that contain a high percentage of water, such as watermelon, cucumber, celery, lettuce. [1]


After the first six pass weeks after cesarean delivery is the time to start to exercise some light exercise safely, and exercises that do walking, walking for five minutes a day, then increase the time gradually, as advised to exercise some aerobic exercises that give body fitness and increase its strength, such as swimming for example, with the need to avoid violent exercises which cause great stress to the muscles of the abdomen, you should stop exercise when feeling pain, check with your doctor to inspect the wound area. [2]

Breathing from the abdomen

Exercise is breathing from the abdomen of wonderful exercises to relax, it also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and stretching, and can be done according to the following steps: [3]

  • Lie on your back on a comfortable bed or on the couch.
  • Put your hands on the abdomen, with a relaxing full body.
  • Taking a deep breath from the nose.
  • Directed by the breath of the mouth during exhale.
  • Pull the belly back in the direction of the spine, with tight abdominal muscles shrink inside for three seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise five to ten times, three times a day.

Video tummy after cesarean delivery

One of the side effects of caesarean delivery are sagging abdomen, how can you tighten? :


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