Scientific search engines

Scientific search engines


  • 1 Google Scholar
  • Pedja Web 2
  • 3 Learning Resources Information Center
  • 4 Research Gate
  • 5 References

Google Scholar

The search Google Scholar engine (Google Scholar) a version of Google Inc. (Google), which is an academic search engine facilitates the access process to scientific research and reliable academic, which had previously been audited by scientists, and examples of search researcher results of scientific what comes : [1]

  • Master's and doctoral theses.
  • Court cases and legal opinions related to them.
  • Academic research.
  • Medical research reports.
  • Economic and political analyzes.

Pedja Web

The Encyclopedia search Pedja Web (Webopedia Search) months of search engines scientific in the field of technology, and matters relating to the computer, which specializes in terminology and technical applications, and is easy to use for non-professionals to technology, and can access the site by clicking on the following link: Click here. [ 1]

Learning Resource Center Information

The Learning Resource Center Information (Educational Resources Information Center) and one of the best and deeper search engines Academy, known for short as (ERIC), and managed this website by the Ministry of Education of America, and contains more than 1.3 million reference letter, and examples of the results Search (ERIC) as follows: [2]

  • Technical reports.
  • Political papers.
  • Newspaper articles.
  • E-books.
  • Conference papers.

Research Gate

Research Gate (in English: ResearchGate) is a search engine that specializes exchange of professional experience between scientists and researchers from all over the world, where more than 15 million researchers and scholars to use it to share their research and discuss, and make this research available to everyone around the world, and summed up the functions of this site as follows: [3]

  • Post published scientific material on it for the user, access to other published material to others, and dissemination of data owned by the user on the way.
  • Communicate and collaborate with colleagues, scientists and specialists.
  • The discovery of the utilization rate of research for each publisher and obtain statistics for it.
  • Ask questions, get answers, and get solutions to the problems of outstanding research.
  • Search for jobs related to research.
  • Post updates on projects and keep pace with renewable research.


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