Search for information security

Search for information security


  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Information Security
  • 3 Dangers of the Internet on information security
  • 4 ways to maintain information security

an introduction

The great technological advances and the development of means of communication and communication varied, and the openness of the world to some of it and adopt it to send various types of data through networks, all Odyaly cause danger to this data leakage, and access to the people of sinners, or competitors, and thus become the urgent need to maintain information security .

Information Security

Information security is a complete control of the information, in terms of identification of these data will receive, and define the powers of access to, and use a range of techniques in order to ensure that impenetrable by any party, and multiply their importance of maintaining the privacy, to preserve important data such as customer accounts in banks.

Dangers of the Internet on information security

There is a network Alantert Alaotaiadh a wide range of vulnerabilities that enable unauthorized persons access to this data, including the error code that performed by programmers during the construction of networks, or different design applications, such as errors in how the application deal with the wrong input, or because of poor memory distribution, as there are many programmers who design custom software to penetrate systems, look for weaknesses.

Maintain information security ways

The recourse to a range of protection methods in order to maintain information security, including:

  • Methods of physical protection: There are many simple ways that must be followed in order to maintain information security, which is keeping the computer in a safe place, and put a password on it to prevent malicious tampering, and be a password that contains letters, numbers, and symbols; So are difficult to predict, and change them periodically.
  • Use firewall (Firewall): Firewall is a device, or application, and is placed at the server, when the network refineries, each according to their needs.
  • Encryption: There are many prepared for data encryption protocols, so as to prevent any one arrive from their understanding, and vary the degree of complexity in this encryption, there are some systems that can be resolved to return to the rules of encrypted, and must therefore adopt a complex way, difficult as much as possible the possibility of re-text of the language before encryption and, of course, the decoding device is owned by the future of this data key.
  • Monitoring data (Packet Sniffers): There are many applications which could see emerging data traffic, and entering the network, and through the analysis can be achieved breakthroughs that have occurred on this network, and to know their place.


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