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  • 3.1 upper layers of the atmosphere
  • 3.2 Lower layers of the atmosphere

Ozone gas

Is ozone gas a gas found in nature, where composed of atoms three of oxygen, known chemical formula of his B O3, a toxic gases life-threatening, but the proportion in which there is in our atmosphere are very small, where we find it in some areas not to exceed one million, and known blue turquoise.

The importance of the presence of ozone

Ozone is the gas in our atmosphere, which protects our planet from solar UV radiation, where scientists believe that it absorbs 99% of these rays and perhaps more, so it keeps the life on Earth, unlike the other planets of our solar system.

The whereabouts of ozone gas

The upper atmosphere

Where ozone is in the stratosphere naturally arises as a result of a series of interactions that occur between partial oxygen and atomic oxygen, it decomposes to partial oxygen because of the sunlight and consists, to remain permanently in the end in a balanced Stratosphere region, but this balance does not get However, as a result of the speed of ozone formation, and also to the speed of disintegration.

Any overlap of some of the material you get through the configuration speed or the speed of disassembly, it affects the equilibrium Altsratosevar region imbalance, the result of this imbalance, plus either the concentration of ozone in the stratosphere area, or decomposition of ozone-plus in this region.

Lower layers of the atmosphere

Ozone consists in these layers, as a result of the fumes that rising from the large factories and laboratories, in addition to the fumes coming out of car exhaust, etc. There is full of Ahtraqat get.

The presence of ozone in the atmosphere lower layers leads to serious damage, unlike its presence in A'eat classes, as the inhaled lead human beings to negative effects on health, in addition to headaches, and we find it significantly affects the lungs, as it weakens the resistance particularly bacteria, perhaps the crash of the cells, and this gets even no matter how small the ozone leaking ratio in the air.

We find that the ozone layer affects the polymers, which will shorten their life, and in particular it affects the car tires, as well as to destroy it and destroy rubber. There are some chemical compositions generated through the compound of O3 with some materials and organic elements, which are links to double interaction, we find that the ozone enters in the composition of preparation acetone in addition to acetaldehyde, and also formaldehyde.


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