Search for types of computer screens

Search for types of computer screens


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LCD screens

Considered crystal display LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) one of the best kinds of different computer monitors, and supports the principle of this work type of screens on the use of liquid crystals that are inside to show a particular color or hide by switching between the pixels, as most of the screens contain computer-type LCD on many types of exits on it; As a director (HDMI) and outlet (DVI) or even exit (VGA), [1] contains this type of screens on many of the features, and these features as follows: [2]

  • It requires the operation of this type of energy a few screens, resulting in less heat.
  • Features display (LCD) light its weight, so it can be mounted on a wall or arm strap.
  • Some of the settings can be modified in this type of screens, Kaaadadat height, rotation and others.

LED screens

Considering emitting diode LED screens light (light-emitting diode) flat and thin screens, used as a type of computer screens, and it is worth mentioning that this type of screens differs substantially difference for screens type (LCD), a backlight system used in each of them, The LED display features many different advantages if they are comparable to the previous one screen (LCD), and while some of these advantages comes: [3]

  • LED screens are usually less expensive than LCD screens.
  • It lasts this type of screens for long.
  • Negatively affect the environment slightly.
  • It contains a wider blackout.
  • Consume little power.

CRT monitors

It screens that use technology beam cathode tube (cathode ray tube), which is used as a stream of electrons with high energy to draw the image on the screen, has become this kind of few screens spread among users, due to the weight of the screen heavy large size, because the repair requires the cost of high. [4]


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