• 1 Self-interest
  • 2 How to Self-interest 2.1 attention to the psychological and emotional health 2.2 attention to health physical 2.3 Personal hygiene care
  • 2.1 attention to the psychological and emotional health
  • 2.2 attention to health physical
  • 2.3 Personal hygiene care


A person learn how to care of himself before caring for others, and the task seems difficult at first and you need time and effort a lot, but with a little determination can do so, for the person to be selfish is simple when it comes to himself, but provided that it does not affect this on its relations with others, and not turn to the unpopular personal qualities of purely selfish. When a person cares about himself and gives his life priority, will begin to feel happiness, comfort and lack of attention to the views of others do.

How self-interest

Attention to the psychological and emotional health

  • Show good qualities: interest in self means attention from the inside also, if the person thinks negatively always, he should consider getting help to change this approach, whether through psychotherapy, or read self-help books or spend time with people who are more optimistic ( which it is considered the most important).
  • Packages: self-defense and personal destinations and theories tactfully and without any other aggressive direction, the diplomatic person Astaitia live more comfortable and without any obstacles to social problems and spoil his life.
  • Self-education: education in schools and universities is important, and is "learning life" of great importance as well, so the person to look for ways to keep learning through reading, studying others, doing things differently, and stay open to advice and tips, you should be full willingness to learn new things in life, regardless of age.
  • Request for assistance in the event of an inability to recover from the depression and grief, or when you are not able to think properly: for a person not to keep it a secret between him and himself, because mental illness is one of the common things that you need to enter a doctor to get proper treatment.

Attention to physical health

  • Get the premium enough sleep: sleep deprivation reduces mental capacity of the person; Because of the low level of concentration has, through the sleeping person gets enough power to repair his body disorders, and to improve its focus.
  • Eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables: the more a person eating a healthy and beneficial cuisine to his body reflected on his health from abroad.
  • Exercise regularly: if this is by walking or just to join a sports club, physical euphoria is important in all its forms.

Personal hygiene care

  • Keep the person himself clean: by washing regularly and permanently.
  • Hair, skin and dental care: For the person getting the full care of his body, through hair cut and clean it regularly, and take care of dental health by cleaning, and visit the doctor regularly.
  • Wear clean and new clothes permanently: it is important that the person is interested in the way that shows where in front of others.


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