Seven years of war

Seven years of war


  • 1 Seven years of war 1.1 Diplomatic Revolution 1.2 highlights of the seven-year war 1.2.1 In 1756 1.2.2 1757 m 1.2.3 1758 m 1.2.4 1759 m 1.2.5 1760 m 1.2.6 in 1761 1.2.7 1762 m 1.3 the end of the seven-year war
  • 1.1 Diplomatic Revolution
  • 1.2 highlights of the seven-year war 1.2.1 In 1756 1.2.2 1757 m 1.2.3 1758 m 1.2.4 1759 m 1.2.5 1760 m 1.2.6 in 1761 1.2.7 1762 m
  • 1.2.1 In 1756
  • 1.2.2 1757 m
  • 1.2.3 1758 m
  • 1.2.4 1759 m
  • 1.2.5 1760 m
  • 1.2.6 in 1761
  • 1.2.7 1762 m
  • 1.3 the end of the seven-year war
  • 2 References

Seven years of war

Seven years of war is a conflict or strong conflict before the French Revolution occurred in the period 1756-1763m, and participated in this conflict all the great European powers, where he fought against France, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Saxony, all against Russia, Hanover, Great Britain, 1] included the war on two major conflicts first of conflict, Frederick II of Prussia with his opponents Alemtemthleen in France, Austria, Russia, Sweden, where he tried to Habsburg Austrian control Silisa province, which had been occupied by Frederick II during the Austrian war that took place in the period 1740- 1748, the second conflict was represented in France, Spain, Great Britain runner was the main between France and Britain, the dispute is an attempt both to occupy North America and India, can be seven war regarded as years as part of the European war, which lasted for nine years between Great Britain and France. [ 1] [2]

Diplomatic Revolution

It is a diplomatic revolution origin of the war seven years, in the year 1748 was the conclusion of the Treaty of Aix-No-Chappell, a treaty ended the War of Austrian Succession, but the eyes of many was a truce stopped the war temporarily, has been Austria had lost Cilicia after control of Prussia on them, Russia's concern has also increased because of the increased strength of Prussia and started looking for alternatives and wondering about the start of preventive war to stop the growth of the power of Prussia, and Prussia glad control of the Schlesaa, and saw that it is possible to launch a new war to keep it in their possession, and began to dream of control over other lands that are launched the war. [3]

In Alkhamisenja of the seventeenth century, tensions increased between Britain and France over control of North America, Britain has tried to prevent the war by changing its alliances with other countries, while Frederick II, known as Frederick the Great has raised diplomatic revolution that resulted in changing the previous Alliances , so Vthafatt France, Austria, Russia against Great Britain, Prussia and Hanover. [3]

The most prominent of the seven-year war events

The war began in Europe when he invaded Frederick II of Saxony ally Austria to cut off the line of attack, the Austrian Russian him, was his attack successful, but it has contributed to a strong alliance against him, as he wanted to conquer Bohemia, but the Austrians had strongly resisted, which led to the withdrawal, and enjoy Frederick the great ability to fight on the internal lines along with military wealth, which helped him Alnhah in his conquests, may represent aggression against Austria on the eastern part of Prussia, in addition to the great interest Bselicia, the French aggression has been dedicated to Britain, [2] Among the most prominent war events that took place during the year 1756 crossing the troops of Frederick towards the Saxon border on 29 August / August hair, and in the tenth of the month of September / September entered the Frederick capital of Saxony Dresden, the Saxony army withdrew to Berna in the south-east, the government has provided Austrian offers reflect the existence of good intentions, including the direction of Frederick and his minister, but these offers that received no confidence where Austria sent troops from Bohemia in support of Saxony, but Frederick southward progress towards Bohemia and defeated them in the first of October / Aktau Barr, then returned to Saxony, and received news of the surrender in Berna in the sixteenth of October / October [1].

In 1757 AD There were several negotiations over Russia's accession to the First Treaty of Versailles, which resulted in France secret pledged to help Russia in the event of an attack Turkey on them, and that was after Mackenzie formally agreed with St. Petersburg for being an agent in France, but the French government rejected this agreement because old accord between France and Turkey, has been sent a personal message from Louis XV to Elizabeth followed a series of letters resulted in Russia's accession to the Versailles officially Treaty, and in the second of the month of February of the year 1757 AD came under Russia to a Russian attack Austrian violently, he has vowed to each of them to send 80,000 troops to the field, and at this time was the secret treaties held to the division of Prussia, and in the first of the month of may / may of the same year was the signing of the second Treaty of Versailles between France and Austria and wanted to attack on Prussia, and Knott Austria to regain Silesia, and give up Netherlands to Louis XV ruler of France and to his cousin, the Spanish Bourbon Duke of Parma, will also be re-Italian property to Austria, as stipulated in the treaty to send France about 105,000 troops to Germany, Austria and providing approximately 24.000 to 3 0,000 troops, and after the completion of the treaty was voted in the princes of the Reich and the majority was in favor of declaring war on Prussia. [1]

Among the most prominent of what happened in the 1757 Battle of Prague, where Frederick offered to Bohemia in the month of April / April again, and in the sixth month of May / May was sent 66,000 Austrian to face 64.000 of the troops of Frederick, and in this battle has the Austrians about 14,000 troops, joined of whom about 16,000 to Joseph Graf von without a commander of war Austrian, [4] [1] also took refuge in a large part of the Austrian army to Prague, and faced Prussians many losses also, almost a month after he moved without with 50,000 troops to Prague to meet Pferederik and with him 34.000 soldier, On June 18 there was a battle Colin, and defeated them without a landslide victory led to the withdrawal of Prussian troops from Bohemia, have been subjected to Russia after the attack from several directions, [1] has invaded the Russian East Prussia, and in the fifth month of November / November Frederick was able to defeat the French in Rossbach, and defeated the Austrians in Yotn on the fifth of December / December [2].

This year, captured Russia East Prussia, where there was a strong battle in the twenty-sixth of the month of August between Russia and Prussia, the Prussians lost about a third of their power, while the Russians have lost about 18,000 men, [2] Among the most prominent of what happened in this year's attack Frederick on Cilicia and the end of the attack, its fall on April 16 / April of 1758 m, and then submit to Moravia to the siege Oolmuts in July, however, the Austrians forcing Frederick to abandon the siege of her through the threat of its bases in the north, was also thwarted a Swedish attack on Pomerania in Russia. [1]

At the end of the month of December / December of 1758 m drafted the Treaty of Versailles, the third, was signed in the month of March / March of 1759 and approved in the month of May / May of the same year, the provisions of the treaty included the reduction of French aid to Austria, whether financial or military to a large extent, [1] and focused on trying to force Britain peace to accept, [5] was also ignored the plan, which was to hand over the Netherlands to France and Spain, and highlighted what also happened in this year is to defeat Ferdinand Brunswick in 13 of the month of April / April , when progress against the French in the south-west of Germany, where the French still retain about 100,000 men in Germany, [1] as the Austrians and Russians attack against Russia in the same year ended with the defeat of Frederick. [5]

Was chosen Cilicia by Russia and Prussia to be the main field of operations this year, 23 Harran / June destroyed Loudoun force Prussian in Landshut area now known as the Kamena Gora in Poland, and in the July 26 seized the stronghold of Glatz, which is now known as Kodzko in Poland, the Saltejkow wanted to join Loudoun and headed towards south from its base in Poznan, was Frederick lurking around Don in Saxony, but he moved to get caught Drdsen when he learned that without action to support Loudoun, and when it fell below Frederick to lift the siege on Drdsen and walked through Meissen and Lusatia in Silesia, and on 15 August / August decided to Austrian Mujahh Frederick, and then launched a Loudoun attack him near Agentez but Frederick defeated him and caused him heavy losses, and in November 3 achieved Frederick another victory in the battle Torgao where he met with Don Austrian, and led to significant losses in the Austrian force and imprisoned many of the Austrians, despite the destruction of the Austrian artillery forces, while in West Germany won Brolly on korbach on July 10 in 1760, as the victorious Ferdinand French in Arbo Rigg on July 31 in the same year, and was saved Hannover from the invasion of the French to her, [1] and this year France began calling for peace with the support of Austria, [3] as Britain's support for Russia continued making it capable to fight and continue them. [1]

This year, disagreed members of their positions on the war, where Austria wanted to hold a year a conference to discuss the restoration of Cilicia of Prussia ordered, as France continued in its attempt to reach a peace contract negotiations with Britain, while Russia continued to fight Frederick to force Russia to surrender, in the month of July discussions between France and Britain on the continued support of Britain, Russia stopped, and concluded that France must reduce its support for Austria as much as possible, and most of what happened in this year's entry of Spain, an ally of war of France against Great Britain, and in the month of August / August got an agreement between the Louis XV of France and Charles III of Spain and resulted in Spain will declare war on Britain by the first of the month of May / May that did not accept peace with France, but Britain rejected any war with Spain. [1]

At the same time he was fighting in West Germany continues, offering Ferdinand on 21 March / March towards the south of Westphalia and there was a battle between him and John Manarc British commander, who repulsed the French attack and defeated them, and in Saxony, without gradually against Prince Henry, and in December / December Kolbrg Castle fell under the grip of the Russians, but Frederick With Britain reduced its support for Russia is no longer sure that he was able to continue the war in the next year. [1]

In 1762 Empress Elizabeth died specifically on January 5, and ascended the Russian throne, Peter III, a truce of peace was signed with Frederick, has an alliance Peter III with Frederick against Denmark, also issued instructions to help him to expel the Austrians from Silesia, and in the month of July killed Peter, and he left after him the second Catherine his widow, who opposed all its measures against Austria and Dinmark, but they nevertheless did not want to renew the war with Frederick, and in West Germany defeated Ferdinand Brunswick on Sobis in Alhelmstal, and defeated the Prince Xavier of Saxony in Oturnberg, and in August 16 / August dominated by Ferdinand on Göttingen from Germany, on 30 August / August achieved a French great success in Johannesburg near Nauheim, but they lost Caselle on the first of November, and this year fought great battles between Austria and Prussia, investigated Russia victories over Austria, these battles ended with the signing of a two-state truce between them on the date of November 24 [1].

In the west of Britain, it was declared war on Spain on January 2 of the year 1762, and this was before the expiry of the deadline for the agreement, which includes the intervention of Spain in the event of non-acceptance of the peace, and in the same year, Spaniards Portugal attacked but Britain supported quickly, despite so Portugal Castle fell into the hands of the Spaniards on 25 August of 1762, while Britain has seized control of Havana and Manila, and three of the West Indies, a Martinique, Saint Lucia, Grenada, and the separation of Russia from the anti-coalition Prussia led to the conviction of Austria that there is no benefit from continuation of the war, and in October / October of 1762 joined Spain with the support of France to negotiations with Britain, and in November 3 signed a truce between Prussia and Austria and had a duration of 3 weeks, as Great Britain and France signed a truce of peace in Fontainbleau. [1 ]

The end of the seven-year war

Seven Years War ended with the signing of two treaties major, each linked to a group, as the war was included on the two wars in two basic war between France and Britain, the war between Austria and Prussia, and thus signed the Treaty of Paris on February 10 of the year 1763, these included the Treaty on the settlement things between Britain, Spain and France, where Britain Havana returned to Spain in exchange taken to Florida, while France, Spain has compensated for losses by granting Louisiana, Britain has gained many islands located in western India, and in Senegal, and in Menorca. [3]

The second treaty was signed on February 10 of the year 1763 was between Prussia and Austria, and resulted in Cilicia stay with Prussia, while Austria has maintained the Saxony under its control, noted historian Anderson that the situation it has not changed anything, despite spending millions and the death of thousands of people, forcing the warring parties to accept peace and the signing of the truce is that the various warring states were unable to achieve victories enough to force its enemies to surrender, and by the year 1763 the war had drained the warring States resources began Austria fail to abandon Russia for its support , as France defeated and no longer want to support Austria, while England was keen to end the process of draining its resources. [3]


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