Sheba City

Sheba City


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The history of Sheba

Kingdom of Sheba, an ancient Arab kingdoms established in Yemen in the atheist century BC, and began to emerge strongly in the tenth century AD, mentioned Assyrian texts and the Old Testament great kingdom, the society tribally characterized by strongly Yemen has not seen neither before nor after this great kingdom, but the history of Yemen does not attest to any kingdom almost similar to the Kingdom of Sheba, which included several kingdoms namely the Kingdom of Hadramout, a certain kingdom Qataban, in addition to many of the tribes, as they set up many of the colonies in Palestine and Iraq. [1] [2]

Still surrounds the Kingdom of Sheba, a lot of mystery although the Orientalists tried to re-write her biography, history and get rid of all the myths surrounding it, but the problem still surround the chronology of Sheba history. Some of the details of the civilization of Sheba appeared in the classics of Arab, Byzantine, Greek and Hebrew literature, and appeared that it was of great importance to the peoples of the Mediterranean, it has been a source of many goods, including incense, spices and perfumes. [1]

Religious history of Sheba

Of Sheba religious ancient history; Have mentioned three holy ones wrote the Koran, and distinguishes the story of the famous Queen of Sheba (biblical) with the Prophet Solomon peace be upon him the king of the children of Israel, and who converted to his religion after this visit, and embraced all the Sabaeans, after they were pagan worship of God (El), has been one of the greatest gods (Ostr), which he had many forms, including: (Ostr West), and (Ostr East), and (Ostr with arrest) and others, said about Sabaeans they were very religious, even if their international was centered on the gods and magic, there were temples to their gods built in a circular motion called campus. Religious history of Sheba includes many of the gods and a lot of mystery and superstition that talk about magic. [3] [4]

Queen of Sheba Story

Was a prophet of God Solomon peace be upon him Hoopoe is happening and told him Hoopoe about the Queen of Sheba as mentioned on the tongue of the Hoopoe in Surat ants, he says:) surrounded by what did not degrade him and Jitk of Sheba Penpa sure * I found a woman ruling over them, and the best of everything and have a great throne * and her grandmother and her people prostrate to the sun without God and Zen to the devil for their repulsed by the way they are not guided ([5] the great truth of God, Vdob Prophet Solomon, who was the prophet of the children of Israel to work on the guidance of the Queen of Sheba and its people as to whom God of miracles, which mocked him from the wind and the birds the animal even converted to Islam on his hands the Queen of Sheba and her people all the religion of Solomon; The right religion. [4]


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