Stages of groundwater treatment

Stages of groundwater treatment


  • 1 underground water
  • 2 stages of the purification of groundwater 2.1 stages of biological treatment 2.2 Treatment Plant 2.3 stages of chemical treatment
  • 2.1 stages of biological treatment
  • 2.2 Treatment Plant
  • 2.3 stages of chemical treatment
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underground water

Human essentially relies on groundwater to meet the water needs of the growing, when falling rain water flowing in the valleys and rivers and supply the seas and oceans, and leaking some of the layers of earth interior and gather inside the rocks, and when the man finds clusters digging artesian wells to extract the water used. Groundwater is one of the purest natural water sources, but it may be some wells contaminated, especially deep ones because of human activities, such as: excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides, or because of some natural phenomena, water extracted would need to be purification to become unfit for human whether to use for drinking or irrigation of crops or in various industries.

Water purification stages of groundwater

Methods and techniques used for the purification of groundwater vary depending on the nature of the pollutants of water, where they may be needed to address biological Ookemiaiah or physical, and often are all used.

Biological treatment stages

  • Dynamic increase: is through this method inoculated water known strains that reduce the proportion of pollution, where the enzyme is increased reactive concentration within the biological treatment system.
  • Dynamic venting: Through the use of this technique of micro-organisms for bio-analysis of organic elements present in the water, and enhances the activity of bacteria settlement.
  • Bio-injection: is through this technique of air injection or oxygen in the saturated region in order to increase the biological activity of microorganisms endemic, used this method in order to reduce the concentration of petroleum substances dissolved in water or materials absorbed by the soil under the groundwater level in the water capillary area .

Vegetable processing

Through this method of planting certain types of plants and trees such as the Chinese fern named Baldeschar, which have roots absorb pollutants in groundwater over time, and are then harvested and disposed of,.

Chemical treatment stages

  • Chemical deposition: This technique is used mostly to remove water hardness and heavy metals through the deposition process, Fsr water consists primarily of calcium compounds and magnesium dissolved in the water, by adding hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) to the water in limited quantities, while the disposal of iron and manganese through chemical oxidation processes using chlorine or potassium Bermngenat., the deposition process used to get rid of suspended solids in the water and viable precipitation, which depends on the attractiveness of the ground under the influence of her weight.
  • Ion exchange: where it is through this technique water pass down under pressure through a fixed layer consisting of granular broker.

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