Steps Sugar Industry

Steps Sugar Industry


  • Steps 1 Sugar Industry
  • 2 extract sugar from sugar cane
  • 3 Steps Sugar Industry
  • 4 stages of the production of table sugar

Steps Sugar Industry

Sugar is one of the basic food items that person can not be dispensed with, it is the energy source of the human body if handled within the normal rates, and about equal to the daily his needs, but if exceeded, it will cause exposure to many health problems, physical, and perhaps the most important diabetes, and obesity.

Sugar extraction from sugar cane

Extract table sugar from natural sources, Kqsb sugar, beets diabetes, where Zraathma spread in various parts of the world, and perhaps the most important of Morocco and Egypt in the Arab world, and Brazil, which is the first source of sugar cane in the world. Sugar cane is mainly composed of sucrose, where as a proportion of the leg up to the base of about Ninety-four percent of the proportion of total sugars in it, which is made up of single sugars (Kalgelokozoalfrckm) where the percentage increase of less plant life.

Vary the proportion of sugars in the sugar cane stalk, are increased percentage of the top, down to the base near the surface of the ground until it reaches for about twenty percent, while the proportion of sugars ranging from seven to ten percent in the near summit segment.

Steps Sugar Industry

  • Extraction of sugar cane juice, so crushing in a group of large roller mills, and then collected in large stores.
  • Keeping fiber resulting from crushed sugar cane as fuel for the boiler that heats the juice.
  • Juice filter impurities, dust and fiber residues left behind by the previous milling process.
  • Purification of juice, add lime hydrated powder (calcium hydroxide).
  • Steaming juice to purify the sugar and convert it into a thick compound.
  • Put the juice in large containers of boiled and crystallized, and this stage shaped sugar crystals.
  • Put the mixture containing the crystals sugary, and the rest of the juice in a centrifuge, to separate the crystals from the liquid.
  • Drying of the resulting crystals by hot air, to produce brown sugar.

Stages of the production of table sugar

  • Mixing raw sugar with diabetes hot brown solution, resulting in this process, a new liquid called magma.
  • The new liquid placed in the centrifuge, to separate solid crystals from the liquid, and purified from impurities.
  • Dissolving the solid crystals with water to produce raw sugar liquid.
  • Liquid purification diabetes using lime hydrated.
  • Remove excess color from the sugar solution, so as to pass it in the nomination columns consisting of activated carbon particle (GAC).
  • Steaming liquid using steam to produce a compound thick.
  • Boil the composite output, and further developed for the production of white sugar granules.


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