Symptoms of breast cancer in men

Symptoms of breast cancer in men


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Cancer is a disease of the most diseases that people feared, occurring as a result of the abnormal growth of some of the cells and tissue that becomes difficult to control and control, where this problem occurs because of a defect in the genes and genetic stages of division, this problem may stimulate some external factors or wrong behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or diet is not balanced, and in other cases, the cause may be exposure to radiation or chemicals, and is the seriousness of this disease in cancer cells due to be able to infect neighboring cells and influence, so-called name malignant or tumor cells are malignant, but on the other hand there is another type of abnormal cells growth, which does not affect the adjacent cells, called cells name or benign tumors affects cancer males and females alike, yet it affects all ages, but the infection rate rises as the progress of human age, where they can infect all tissues and cells of the body without exception, but the most common types of cancer are the colon, lungs, breast, and Believed to have been previously unknown that breast cancer affects only women, but recently appeared some cases of male breast cancer, and this is what we will talk about in this article. [1]

Breast cancer in men

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among females, but it is rare in men in general, where the percentage of infected men by less than 1% in both the USA and Europe and the Arab world, and the average age was infected between fifty and sixty, drew cases infected with the disease disapproval of many people, and the attention of the doctors and the media around the world, it is worth mentioning that he did not know until now the reasons that lead to men infected with this type of cancer, but genetic factors, hormonal problems in addition to drug use or presence of problems in the testicles may increase the chances of developing the disease, has been divided into breast cancer in men to several cases, including what is identical to breast cancer in women, including Vagit disease, which affects the breast in the nipple area. [2]

Symptoms of breast cancer in men

Are similar to all cancers in some of the symptoms that is the loss of appetite and lack of desire to eat, pale in the face, losing weight quickly and others, but there are some symptoms that distinguish each type from the other, and in the case of breast cancer for men, there is a group of symptoms of the following points: [3]

  • The appearance of the mass in the breast area or under the armpit.
  • Out secretions from the chest nipple.
  • Breast size and shape change.
  • The presence of a rash around the nipple apart from the cracks that are similar to wounds in different parts of the breast.


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