Symptoms of cancer lymph glands

Symptoms of cancer lymph glands


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Lymph glands

Lymphatic glands are part of the lymphatic system, which blocks of specialized tissues that make up a gathering of lymphocytes immune cells that filtering lymph fluid from microbes before returning to the blood, and maintain fluid balance in the body, which is present in all parts of the body except the central nervous system. [1 ]

Cancer lymph glands

In cancer, the lymph glands become immune lymphocytes carcinogen, thereby creating growth plus abnormal where in the tissue in the glands, thus leading to the inflation glands throughout the body, and show clear in the armpit and neck area shall be solid is painful, and usually this remains confined to cancer in the lymph glands or the rest of the lymphatic tissue, and do not spread outside except in rare cases, and divides cancer glands into two main sections, namely, lymphoma Hodgkinah, constitutes 10% of cancers of the lymph glands, and lymphoma of Ahodgkinah and accounts for 90% of them. [2]

Symptoms of cancer lymph glands

Symptoms Main:

Are the signs and symptoms of the disease in a very similar start to the symptoms of minor illnesses, such as viral infections and colds, so this causes delay the diagnosis of the disease, and the difference between them is that these diseases go away symptoms after a short period, while cancer glands shall continue for a longer period, and the symptoms of this cancer in total is swollen painless glands lymph, and are usually more pronounced in the neck area and under the armpit, where concentrated glands in those areas, in addition to the appearance of bulges in the abdominal area and the origin of the femur, as well as possible not the patient with any swelling feel in his body. There are some other symptoms that may be experienced by the patient, namely: [3]

  • Weight loss significantly more than 10% in a few months, no more than six months without following any kind of diet, and poor appetite.
  • General weakness in the body, and a lack of energy.
  • High temperature, sweating evening associated with chills, fever, and headache.
  • Itchy skin due to lymph cancer cells, which interferes with the growth of skin cell growth, and their toxins are mixed with dirt skin, causing itching.
  • Skin dryness abnormally.
  • Difficulty swallowing; Because of inflation tonsillitis.
  • Breathing difficulties and coughing.
  • Enlarged lymph glands inside the abdomen causes pain in the abdomen, back, feet, and the weakness of the surrounding muscles in these parts.
  • Swelling and swelling of the foot and ankle.
  • Repeated infections due to loss of the effectiveness of the immune system, which helps the dangerous spread of germs and viruses.

Sub-symptoms: There are other symptoms subset may infect the patient because of the spread of the disease and enlarged glands dramatically: [3] [4]

  • Neurological symptoms different nervous Kalaatlal which leads to poor sense of touch; Due to the swelling of the gland and the pressure on the course of the nerve.
  • Enlargement of the spleen, liver, and abdominal pain associated with vomiting, and bowel obstruction.
  • Enlarged testicles.
  • Jaundice.
  • Sores and skin rashes after the spread of the disease in the skin cells.
  • Inflammation of blood vessels throughout the body, anemia, low blood platelets.

The difference between lymphoma and Hodgkinah Allahodgkinah

These two similar types of cancers, but there are two distinguishing marks, namely: [4]

  • Based on Age: Lymphoma is a form Alhodgkinah often occurs in the age between 15 and 35 years category, while Allahodgkinah may occur at any age, but the incidence increases with older people, especially after the age of sixty.
  • Based on commonality: Lymphoma Alhodgkinah 'is a rare form of lymphoma, but Allahodgkinah is the most common.
  • Based on Alanchar: Lymphoma Alhodgkinah infect a specific set of glands in a specific area, and transmitted from the gland adjacent to a gland in an orderly fashion, but Allahodgkinah shall be more prevalent within the body, and randomly.
  • Based on microscopic examination: the presence of cells Reed Sternberg from the biopsy taken from the lymph node is the definitive guide to Amfumh Alhodgkinah.

Causes cancer lymph glands

Still causes cancer lymphoma is clearly defined so far, despite the development of science, but scientists have identified several influential and exciting factors for the disease, including: [5]

  • Genetic factor.
  • Age, especially those over sixty.
  • Males are more susceptible to infection.
  • A weakened immune system; Because of AIDS, and transplantation.
  • Viral infections, such as hepatitis C infection, and Epstein Barr virus.
  • Exposure to chemicals and pesticides.
  • Radiation therapy for diseases of cancers.
  • overweight.

Diagnosis and treatment

As mentioned earlier that the swollen glands may be due to benign diseases, therefore the diagnosis final of the disease depends only on the biopsy of the swollen glands, while the diagnosis of the disease, the doctor applied the patient perform tests physical, including monitoring and examining lymph nodes and sizes in the neck areas and the groin and armpit, and asking him to conduct laboratory tests of blood and bone marrow tests, and a group of the following procedures: X-ray radiation, image class CT, and magnetic resonance image (MRI) to determine the degree of spread of the disease and its effects.

As for the treatment depends on the type of cancer and the severity and the extent of its spread, but the main treatment is radiation therapy in addition to chemotherapy, and treatment of surgical removal of the tumor lymphatic in some cases, but chemotherapy have a positive effect more than surgical, and disadvantages of the eradication of the tumor can not be completely removed ; Where his return remains an opportunity again exists, it is also possible to use modern immune therapies. [6]

Video cancer symptoms lymphoma


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