Symptoms of cervical cancer

Symptoms of cervical cancer


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Cervical Cancer

The cervix (in English: Cervix) part responsible for connecting the uterus vagina the female, and is said that women suffer from Dng uterine cancer (in English: Cervical Cancer) in cases of cervical division abnormally cells begin with and are beyond the body's control, start spread to other parts of the body, although more members affected by cervical cancer, ie up to cancer after the start of the cervix, the vagina, rectum, urinary bladder, liver, lungs, and the good news that cervical cancer is slow growth, ie cells begin pre-cancer and then gradually evolve into a stage of cancer, and therefore, this problem was discovered in the pre-cancer and treatment greatly helps to prevent cervical cancer, and from countries that have been able to benefit from it: the United States of America, Fbalvhossat that reveals stages of pre-cancer decreased incidence of cervical cancer is very clear, and which demonstrates that this cancer is slow growth, that most women who have been diagnosed with pre-cervical cancer were in their twenties wa The thirties of age, while the majority of women who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer were in the fifties. [1]

Symptoms of cervical cancer

In fact, it does not cause cervical cancer, the appearance of any signs and symptoms in the early stages of infection usually, but in the event of the disease progress and invasion of cancer tissues and other organs, it may cause some of the signs and symptoms appearance, but should be alert to these symptoms and signs are not limited to injury cervical cancer the uterus, in the sense that they may appear in cases of suffering from other health problems, and it must be a review of a specialist doctor in the event of its appearance, and can be summed up the most important of these symptoms as follows: [2] [3]

  • Bleeding and vaginal is normal, and is intended to bleed out of time and scale familiar, as is the case when bleeding between menstrual cycles, or bleeding after intercourse, or after undergoing a pelvic examination area, or after menopause (in English: Menopause), can also be the bleeding menstrual vaginal profusely; Any increase in the amount of blood during the menstrual cycle.
  • Feeling pain during sex.
  • The appearance of abnormal secretions from the vagina, and can occur between the monthly and other session or after menopause, it is worth mentioning that these secretions may be accompanied by some blood.
  • Repeat the need to urinate.
  • The feeling of pain in the pelvis.
  • Feeling pain during urination.

Causes cervical cancer

As stated earlier, the cervical cancer occurs as a result of a split cervical cells are abnormal, and in fact is this division is natural not to cell death when expiry and continuation of division, and despite the lack of knowledge of scientists the real reason behind the suffering of this problem, but they believe that there is a range of factors that increase the chance of injury to this problem, we mention risk factors as follows: [4]

  • Infection with HPV: (English: Human papillomavirus), is the virus of sexually transmitted infections (in English: Sexually Transmitted Infection), and in fact there are many types of this virus, up to a hundred different species, including 13 species capable of causing cervical cancer. Hence, it is worth to say that women who have sex with more than one partner to have higher chance of developing cervical cancer campus, because HPV is not transmitted only from an infected sexual partner.
  • Smoking: It has been shown that smoking increases the risk of cervical cancer campus also increases the chance of suffering from other types of cancers.
  • Suffering from the weakness of the immune system: women who suffer from weak immune systems are more susceptible to cervical cancer is, and it is worth a statement that there are many reasons that underlie the incidence of weak immune system, including the suffering of the human immunodeficiency virus (in English: Human Immunodeficiency Virus) syndrome that causes acquired immune deficiency known as AIDS Acronym (English: AIDS), and the causes of the weakness of the immune system as well: eating immunosuppressive drugs in case undergo organ transplants.
  • The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases: such as chlamydia disease (in English: Chlamydiosis) or Chlamydia (in English: Chlamydia), gonorrhea (in English: Gonorrhea), and syphilis (in English: Syphilis).
  • Low-income: Based on the statistics show that the percentage of in vivo incidence of cervical cancer is higher for women living in low physical conditions.
  • Some types of pills taking control pills: It turns out that eating some types of pills pregnancy (in English: Birth control pills) may increase slightly the risk of cervical cancer.
  • Born at an early age: it has been shown that the probability of incidence of cervical cancer in women who have given birth to the first time a 17-year-old and they were larger than women who gave birth to the first time after the twenty-fifth attainment of age.
  • Recurrent pregnancy: based on some studies, found that women who have given birth to three or more children in separate loads more likely to develop cervical cancer than women who did not give birth during their lifetime.

Video about the causes and symptoms of cervical cancer

To learn more information about the causes of cervical uterine cancer and its symptoms watched this video. [5]


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