Symptoms of diabetes in young people

Symptoms of diabetes in young people


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Diabetes is a modern disease spread, and is diabetic immune diseases resulting disease, loss of the ability of cells to respond to the hormone insulin, or the pancreas is exposed to attack the immune system in the body and thus lose their ability to produce the hormone insulin, and Haman commands cause a rise in blood sugar level , and the incidence of this disease has caused the emergence of many diseases. [1]

Symptoms of diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes include: [2]

  • Weight loss without following any diet is the goal of his followers weight loss, and without any reason satisfactory clear, attributable weight loss is unjustified to the orientation of the body to the consumption of fat in the body to provide the necessary energy for the body to carry out the work entrusted to it, and this is because of the body's inability glucose inside the body's consumption.
  • Ill nerves, especially the nerves of the parties, and this results in a feeling of tingling or ill feeling is like pins and needles tingling in the limbs.
  • Injury condition polyurea, which are to increase the number of times to go to the toilet, indicator of the situation of polyurea incidence of diabetes indicators.
  • Feeling thirsty dramatically, and this feeling is due to urination significantly during the day, resulting in the loss of large amounts of body fluids.
  • Feeling hungry dramatically and fast after eating the meal.
  • Blurred vision and weakness, this weakness and confusion caused by the deposition of excess glucose in the blood on the retina of the eye.
  • It takes the wounds and scratches, and a long time to heal completely.
  • Proliferation of dark color patches on the skin, especially the skin on the neck, and explain these spots as a reaction to the body, the hormone deficiency level of insulin in the body.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue frequently and without doing any effort or bother, as these feelings are constant and frequent dramatically.
  • Incidence of repeated urinary tract infections, and these infections result from high glucose to a certain extent.

Methods of prevention of diabetes

Methods of prevention of diabetes include: [3]

  • Care to maintain the ideal weight, as obesity shifted from the ability of insulin to control blood sugar level.
  • Drinking about four cups of coffee and tea, it reduces the incidence of diabetes by up to twenty-five percent.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables rich in abundant quantity of fiber reduces the incidence of diabetes, because the fiber need long time until they are digested and therefore the cells are given enough time to absorb sugar from the blood.


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