Teaching aids concept and its benefits and types

Teaching aids concept and its benefits and types


  • 1 means the concept of educational
  • 2 The benefits of teaching aids
  • 3 types of teaching aids
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The concept of educational means

Educational means is every tool used by the teacher in order to improve the process of teaching and learning, or the development of trends or accustom students to good habits, and inculcate the values ​​desired without essentially the teacher depends on the numbers, words and symbols, and include these means all media used by the teacher to communicate ideas or facts or meanings of pupils; That in order to make the lesson more interesting and exciting, educational experience and to make a direct and meaningful experience at the same time. [1]

The benefits of teaching aids

The use of teaching aids several benefits, including the following: [2]

  • Reduce the time and effort by the teacher and the learner.
  • Overcome verbal and disadvantages, and help in the transfer of knowledge, and the installation process of cognition, and clarify the vague aspects of science.
  • Raise the attention of scholars and interest, proving information, develop observation and continue the accuracy of thought, and increase student save and doubled to absorb and measure the extent to which the student Astoabh lessons.
  • It allows learners multiple opportunities in education, self-realization, learning skills, and educates the taste and modify behavior.
  • Facilitate the process of teacher education and student learning, and describes some of the specific concepts of education.
  • It helps to highlight the individual differences of students in different areas of language Kalmjalat.
  • Provide the student with the necessary wordings of modern civilization function by scientific information.
  • Contribute to the educational experience to keep alive for a longer period with students.
  • Increase opportunities for participation and cooperation among students, which increases encourage students to learn without getting bored and lazy.
  • Offers students a material basis for sensory perception, and reduce the use of words and meanings do not understand its meaning.
  • Provide realistic experiences calls for students toward self-activity, and develop in them the continuity of thought and invention, as is the case when using the flights and animated images and skits.

Types of teaching aids

Educational aids are several types, including the following: [3]

  • Visual aids: includes methods and tools based on sight, such as slides and dark images, static and animated films, blackboard, charts, cards and paintings, globe, maps, samples and models, museums and galleries.
  • Audio means: it includes tools that rely on hearing only, such as: internal school radio, radio, gramophone "Jeramphon", voice recording devices.
  • Audio-visual media: includes materials and tools that rely on their senses of hearing and sight, such as: speaking and animated films, fixed and accompanied by audio recordings of films, television, video.
  • Museums, trips and exhibitions educational: Where are these exhibitions of the best instruction methods that help in the delivery of information and knowledge of the student an easy way of simple, such as: view different students Kalmjsmat activities and cutting installation and shapes that reach the goal of a particular piece of information in a practical simple.


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