The art of choosing gifts for lover

The art of choosing gifts for lover


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The gifts approach reflects the person's deep feelings, of intimacy and love of wood and respect, man edition social can not take the isolation character of his life, where he merged with others from colleagues, friends, brothers, parents, relatives and others, and win their hearts and souls style Hassan.

The choice of gifts art is not good at all the people, working the gift confirmation of love in the soul and instill beautiful where feelings, because it is evidence of the interest and knowledge of the smallest details in the lives of people are entering joy to them, and in this article we will focus on our conversation on the art of choosing gifts for lover on the face particular, and the foundations of selection of gifts. [1]

Founded the choice of gifts

There are many foundations followed when choosing gifts, and these are some of them: [2]

  • The relationship between the two parties, where the relationship is the basis of the choice of gift between individuals.
  • Age, as is the age of the most important factors to consider when choosing a gift, for example, may not be giving a bouquet to the newly born child.
  • Sex, sex determination of important factors that must be considered when choosing a gift is, as the gift to be donated to the women are totally different from the gift to be donated to a man.
  • Taste, where you must know the taste of the other person before giving the gift.
  • Concerns, where the concerns are different each other person.
  • Timely, you must choose the right time before giving the gift.
  • Financial capacity, the person must know the physical abilities before giving the gift so he can buy what suits his ability.

Gifts for Habib

Here we will talk about the beloved as male and female, in the sense that the woman donated her boyfriend, whether a husband or a preacher or just a lover, be based on the knowledge of the first party's interests and hobbies and desires of the second party, which is known as the art of choosing gifts, be gifts as follows: [3]

  • Red bear and red hearts.
  • Mirror.
  • Contracts, chains, bracelets, accessories, whether silver, gold or wood, and others.
  • Governor of money.
  • Makeup tools and different powders and a variety of beauty.
  • Mobile phone cover.
  • Chocolate.
  • Precious pens.
  • Radio.
  • Kerchieves Dhu Lon Jamil attractive.
  • Medal for hanging keys on them.
  • Precious shoes, and be well-known brands, sports shoes or attractive.
  • Perfume.
  • Books.
  • sunglasses.
  • backpacks.
  • Character beloved of silver or gold.
  • Candles.
  • Books characteristic. [4]
  • bags.
  • Swimming pools and the Koran.
  • Electronic devices sophisticated, such as mobile phones, portable and laptop.
  • Travel and cinema tickets.
  • Cars, if the person is physically endowed considerably.
  • Hours worth vhayt, vsaat llmnazd valmkatb.
  • Clothes, Kalvesatin and trousers, shirts and others.
  • Evening dinner.
  • Piece of furniture.
  • Bouquets and Rod.
  • Colored balloons and different shapes.
  • Cake molds and sweets variety.


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