The benefits of chamomile belly

The benefits of chamomile belly


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Chamomile is known as a plant grows to a height of up to forty centimeters, and produces white flowers and central yellow, which is on several types and varieties and the most famous German chamomile, where this plant is considered popular herbs that are used in many medical treatments; Because it contains different substances and nutrients.

Chamomile contains volatile oils and many of the components of effective and useful chemical compounds, flavonoids compounds, especially compound Obengjin and HFC compounds coumarin, oxides Alpisapoulol, and Almatricin, and chamomile.

The benefits of chamomile belly

According to chamomile flowers in the treatment of some system problems digestive and stomach, they relieve nausea, abdominal pain and intestinal colic, and its usefulness in increasing the relaxed muscles of the digestive system and prevent Chnecatha, also handles Chamomile diarrhea, as well as its ability to treat swelling and gas abdomen, relieve colon pain nervous system, which suffers from a large number of people; As a result of the wrong food system.

Chamomile also has therapeutic properties to get rid of colic, which affects babies who are crying for more than three hours, it is considered safe, and does not cause them any allergies except in some rare cases, where the preferred use of warm few quantities.

General benefits of camomile

  • Slimming and burn high calories, which confirms a lot of testing on its ability to burn fat, by eating a cup of it before a meal ten minutes.
  • Strengthen the body's immune system, it has proved a lot of studies that eating five cups of chamomile tea a day for two weeks to protect against colds, and resistance to viruses.
  • The vitality of the skin and increase freshness, it contains antioxidants useful in ridding the skin of toxins, and has the characteristics of chamomile treatment for wounds and sunburn light and simple, which increases the freshness and splendor.
  • To promote hair growth and increase its luster, and the benefits of hair also prevent dandruff, prevent hair loss, and cast it painted natural blond attractive through washing hair Bmenkua leaves constantly.
  • Treat insomnia and nervous tension, it contains soothing materials for the nerves, which are considered to benefit from more benefits Chamomile; So the body needs three or four cups a day to get rid of insomnia and anxiety, and increase the ability to sleep deeply and quietly.
  • Prevention of cancer Almakhltvh, especially cancer of the stomach and colon.

How to prepare chamomile tea

Take a tablespoon of chamomile flowers dry or fresh, and put them in a cup of boiling water well, and let it steep for a period of ten minutes before half, and drink cool.


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