The benefits of cranberry slimming

The benefits of cranberry slimming

The benefits of cranberry slimming

Cranberry fruit types that cover the thin crust can be dealt with, and there are many colors of different berries, these different colors depending on the dye type contained in the trees, cranberries and types of fruit summer, which origins date back to Europe, and is used cranberries in the manufacture of juices and some types of food Jam.

Characterized by wild berries its content values ​​of nutrients and beneficial substances to the body, and the most important of these high-nutrient ratio of antioxidants especially antioxidant flavonoids and anthocyanins and lutein, these compounds reduce the activity of cracks free and reduce the oxidation rate of oxygen in the body, it also consists of a high percentage of vitamin C, in which a good amount of dietary fiber and potassium metal.

It also contains sugars and fats, proteins, citric acid, acid and tannin, amino acids, vitamin A, B1, E, especially mineral salts, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, manganese, selenium, zinc, sulfur, and copper.

Benefits of Cranberry

  • Nourish hair, and prevent the skin from free radicals and inflammation and wrinkles.
  • Open appetite, and has a property cleansing and moisturizing and softening and strengthen the stomach.
  • Resistance to infection in the body, stimulating blood circulation.
  • Quench thirst.
  • It maintains heart health and protect against exposure to stomach ulcers.
  • Lowers the temperature in the body.
  • It protects against infection kidney stones, and is useful in the treatment of periodontal disease.
  • It helps to increase sexual ability when couples.
  • It protects against colon cancer, especially cancer of the esophagus, and reduces the severity of asthma.
  • It reduces LDL cholesterol and protect against atherosclerosis disease.
  • Expels worms, kills bacteria, viruses and toxins in the body.
  • Controlling blood sugar.

Cranberry Slimming

Wild Walnut whether fresh or frozen in special diets who want to lose excess weight, Vlltot wild strong influence on the emulsification of fat deposits in the body and this is what makes it effective in lost excess fat from the body, and at the present time uses many of the scientific studies that have emerged recommended to drink cranberry juice by natural cups a day for a sufficient period until they reach the desired weight, and with careful eating fruit cranberry continuously, especially with breakfast cereals.

These fruits contain antioxidants, fatty acids and fiber, these components are useful in feeding the body and the feeling of fullness for long periods, and that antioxidants enhance the process of burning body fat and weight loss, as it contributes to raising the body's energy and vitality, and there are many dietary supplements learned of the fruits of cranberries that increase the effectiveness of the lost excess weight.


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