The benefits of olive oil and garlic

The benefits of olive oil and garlic

Olive oil and garlic

On anyone who wants to get a good health and find out what benefits his body and beauty, searching for olive oil, garlic and find out its benefits and how to use it, because of the importance of returning to human health in general and on the skin and hair in particular, it is a magical oil which has an impact that can not be compared to other, not Can be dispensable.

The so-called olive oil and garlic b "garlic oil", and is prepared by placing the amount of garlic cloves cup filled with olive oil, and its coverage and leave it for two weeks, and then it is ready for use in many places if placed on the hair after doing Ptdvith hair and massage it, because of the benefits many on the hair, and is safe to use garlic oil completely only on those who suffer from garlic allergy.

The benefits of olive oil and garlic

  • You can put garlic oil on the head and massage the scalp once every two weeks, to address the problem of dandruff and itching caused by, as well as used for the prevention of infection, and helps in moisturizing dry scalp.
  • Get rid of all bacterial and fungal enemies, and the treatment of inflammation caused, and this is because it contains counter to those characteristics in addition to the enemies of cluster enemies, and yeast infections.
  • Live dental pain by placing drops of garlic oil on a piece of cotton, and pressure when the area of ​​pain, for a period of not less than ten minutes.
  • It helps maintain heart health and protect him from injury of various disorders, cumulation of fat on the walls of blood vessels, and thus shield them from atherosclerosis, blood clotting, and raise the blood sugar level, cholesterol level in blood.
  • It is one of the best oils that promote healthy hair and protect it from various problems, because it contains most of the vitamins and elements useful for hair, will prevent hair loss, and works to strengthen and maintain the natural luster, and promotes blood circulation in it.
  • Treats skin problems, fungal Kaltat and boils, acne problems, and treatment of wounds.
  • The body protects against cancer, because it contains sulfur that is working to stop the growth of cancer cells, and is used to treat various types of cancers; Such as cancer, which affects the digestive system.
  • Treats viral ear infections, by placing drops of warm garlic oil on the affected ear, thereby acting on the cleared, and rid them of bacteria and viruses, and addresses as well as sinus infections, common cold.
  • Removes toxins from the body such as lead and mercury, and strengthens the immune system and performance, and helps blood to patients in need so dilute.


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