The benefits of olive oil to the eye

The benefits of olive oil to the eye


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Olive oil is known since ancient times many its benefits, one of the most important food, is growing in the countries of the Mediterranean Sea, and is used in many areas, such as food, medicine, beauty, and industries.

Olive oil is rich in nutrients, in 19% of it is carbohydrates, and 1.6% protein, and 1.5% of mineral salts, and 5.8% of cellulose, and the high content of oils 15-20%, and many vitamins, and we'll show in this article is the benefits of olive oil to the eye, and recipes from olive oil to the eye, and then the olive benefits in general.

The benefits of olive oil to the eye

  • Protects against yellow spots that affect the eye network, especially for the elderly, the yellow spots is the second major factor that causes blindness to the eye after diabetes.
  • Well protects the blood vessels of the eye.
  • It moisturizes the skin surrounding the eyes and get rid of fine lines, through the use Kkarim eye.
  • It maintains the view, because it contains omega-3 acids.
  • Reduces exposure to the disease, "macular degeneration" which causes low vision and blindness, because it contains useful fat.

Recipes from olive oil to the eye

  • Evening, place a small amount of olive oil on your finger tip, and then knead gently on the various external parts of the eye, it provides moisture and reduces swelling and irritation.
  • Use olive oil eye drops in the morning and evening, the eye of grueling treatment.
  • Mixing olive oil with a solution Alatmd for the treatment of dry eye.
  • Note: olive oil, which is used inside the eye, it must make sure its source and that it is original and good type.

General benefits of olive oil

  • Treats constipation, pregnant can be used instead of constipation drugs during pregnancy.
  • It reduces cholesterol in the blood, because it contains fatty acids, which also have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Treats high blood pressure.
  • Contributes to the treatment of diabetes, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis patients (increases the flexibility of the arteries).
  • It reduces the risk of strokes in the elderly.
  • It improves memory work and contribute to the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Protects against heart attacks occur in men.
  • Relieves migraine headaches.
  • It reduces the pain associated with the movement of the Victims of osteoporosis.
  • It deals with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It protects against some types of cancers, such as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and ovarian cancer.
  • It reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • It protects the skin from UV after exposure to sunlight.
  • It contributes to the treatment of wounds, minor burns, and psoriasis.
  • Enjoy the hair and increases its luster.
  • Treats yeast infections (Tinea versicolor).
  • Nourishes the brain tissue, which increases the ability to think and increases intelligence, because it contains semiconductor fat.


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