The benefits of pomegranate peel

The benefits of pomegranate peel


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Pomegranate scientifically known as Punica granatum L, is the White Sea region Mediterranean native, has been used widely in other popular medicine in the Indian sub-continent and many countries, with a global than 150 thousand production tons, and classifies the crust, which is about 60% of its weight of agricultural waste, this form is available Alakecraly nutritional supplements, can be used as an additive and preservative for food, and enhanced quality, but these uses need scientific studies to be applied in practice. [1] [2]

Benefits of pomegranate peel

Peel the pomegranate contains a variety of nutrients, plant compounds, which provide the body with many health benefits, higher than the fruit of quantities of edible pomegranate, it is worth mentioning that there is a need for experiments and scientific assessments of clinical before using this fruit and dander medicinally to treat health problems, the following points show the benefits of chaff in detail based on scientific studies on animals or through the use of test tubes: [2] [3]

  • The possibility of reducing the risk of heart disease: it is a hardening of the arteries one of the main causes of death, which occurs as a result of the accumulation of bad cholesterol (in English: LDL) in the blood vessels, and exposed to processes of oxidation, and can help peel pomegranate extract to prevent oxidation of molecules of bad cholesterol, and therefore reduce the risk of development, and as a result of his anti-oxidant, and helps to treat crushed high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood as an excellent source of dietary fiber.
  • The possibility of helping to heal the wounds: where it can help the application of pomegranate peel extract topical healing, as he has retardant properties of gastric mucosa injuries, and stomach ulcers.
  • The possibility of assistance in the fight against influenza: as many studies have shown that polyphenols in pomegranate peel can help fight viruses; It damages the outer structure of the virus, and inhibit its proliferative cells.
  • The possibility of helping to fight malaria: where I use dried pomegranate peel powder medicine Aloirovada in India for the treatment of malaria, studies have shown that the bacteria that cause them sensitive to the effect of toxic methanol extracted.
  • Rich in antioxidants: where one of the studies have shown that the peel of pomegranate extract content high of antioxidants various antioxidants, which possess anti-group of bacterial strains properties and some types of pathogenic fungi, characterized by these peels its proximity to the amounts higher compared with the flowers, leaves, pulp, seeds, which contains 92% of the total antioxidant activity found in the whole fruit. [1] [4]
  • The possibility of reducing the risk of osteoporosis: the bones are considered members of a dynamic body; And is re-formation processes of construction and demolition continuously and accurately, and can result in lack of balance between these two processes to osteoporosis and low bone mass, may help food to reduce the risk of injury, and usually focus on calcium, vitamin D, but some studies have shown that flavonoids compounds are highly in pomegranate peel can help to stimulate the formation, inhibition of the process of demolition, in addition to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, but this benefit needs to be more scientific studies to prove its effectiveness. [4]
  • The possibility of reducing the risk of certain types of cancer: where many of the studies and the ability of pomegranate Akecorh to reduce the risk of some types of cancer showed; Kalproustata, colon, liver, and can possess anti-inflammatory effects, and the proliferation of cancer cells, and the formation of tumors. [5] [3]

The benefits of pomegranate fruit

Pomegranate fruit contains many nutrients, they provide a lot of health benefits, among them the following: [6]

  • Ability to help fight prostate cancer: where laboratory studies suggest that pomegranate extract may slow down the multiplication of cancer cells, and death, as preliminary evidence suggests that the juice may be useful for men with prostate cancer, which prevents the growth of cancer, and reduces the risk of death.
  • Ability to help fight breast cancer: it is common among women, breast cancer is one of the most types of cancer, and can help the pomegranate extract to fight cells, but this benefit needs to prove to the human studies.
  • The possibility of reducing blood pressure: where it can help to drink pomegranate juice regularly to this effect shortly.
  • The possibility of helping to relieve arthritis: where studies on animals and isolated cells showed that pomegranate extract may be useful to combat several forms of arthritis and joint pain, but there is a need to conduct studies on humans.

The nutritional value of pomegranate

The following table shows the nutrients found in almost 100 grams of fresh pomegranate: [7]

Damage pomegranate peel

It is considered the roots, stalks, husks and pomegranate fruit is safe when consumed in large quantities; So as to contain compounds that are toxic to the human body, due to the spread of extracted consumption and Akecorh a complementary form of food has become important to determine the appropriate quantity, and side effects when regular consumption of regular and his semi, as the crust contains high concentrations of plant compounds that can lead to the effects of harmful when consumed in quantities of high, or for a long period of time, one of the scientific studies have indicated that extracted may become toxic if more than 70 milligram dose exceeded per kilogram of body weight. [3] [8]


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