The benefits of time acne

The benefits of time acne


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Is a small herb-like Mastic Gum or chewing gum male white color slant to the blond, and whenever provided Gmq color and said its benefits, especially when they arrive to the black color, it must be time white transparent color sloping slightly light brown, and contain the herb time on the substance, aromatic and disinfectant, which serves as an antibiotic, and has many benefits.

Benefits almrh lmaljh Hub Shabab

Of the many recipes that are used to treat acne herb time that it is possible to use Menkuaha or its oil; Vtaml herb time on the treatment of acne natural and inexpensive way, and works to kill bacteria and germs in the skin, get rid of red grain and pimples, and are used in one of these ways:

Herb time

Grinding half a cup of herb time and add to it a little water, and stir until the water becomes brown in color, fat face is cleaned in advance in this solution, or fat places the presence of acne; Kalsdr or back, preferably left half an hour to an hour on the skin is absorbed, wash the face with cold water and is applying this recipe twice a week to get better results.

Shbh almrh valsl

Other benefits of the herb time

Other time benefits include:

  • Treatment of colds, cough, shortness of breath, dysmenorrhea and digestion problems and stomach, bladder infections and alert mucous membranes that drinking two cups a day of boiled herb time.
  • Get rid of hoarseness and purify the sound and get rid of phlegm.
  • Treatment of wound infections and skin ulcers; Using the herb infusion time and fat skin infected by.
  • Maintain the teeth and get rid of sore throat health, sore gums Balamadamadh Bmenkua time.
  • Treatment of anemia disease and strengthen the blood, and the expulsion of gases from the body and the treatment of burns painted place burning Bmenkua time added to it a little olive oil.
  • Reduce sweating and mitigate the smell of sweat; That mix a little white powder alum powder with the time and put them in places sweating.
  • Alleviate the pain of rheumatism and sprains.
  • Strengthen bones and treat osteoporosis and strengthen the cartilage and regeneration of dead skin cells.


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