The difference between gastric banding and quantization

The difference between gastric banding and quantization


  • 1 gastric banding and Tkmimha
  • 2 the process of gastric banding
  • 3 process to muzzle the stomach
  • 4 The difference between the processes of the stomach and connecting Tkmimha

Stomach and Tkmimha link

Everyone loves to own healthy body and graceful, whether male or female, specifically females because the female usually likes to show the most beautiful and pompous image, resorting to follow several steps and tips in order to reduce weight and get rid of the fat accumulated in various body regions, and thus get a slim body, and one of this means that followed and became considerably nowadays is to resort to surgery, specifically, which specializes in the stomach and the most important of the stomach as well as the process of linking Tkmimha, what is the difference between them and how they are to take place? What are the risks to women as a result of resorting to such methods?

Gastric banding process

It is a surgical procedure reduces the stomach size in order to reduce weight in the end, and is made by the doctor put a piece of plastic at the top of the stomach or in the beginning, so be flexible and with a small size in order to force the person to eat small amounts of the food begins to weight decline gradually, as a result of the decline in the number of calories covered, but must here take into account that reduce or weight loss as a result of this surgery will be in three years or the first after five surgery, some people may regain weight after the end of this period; To possess the stomach high ability to stretch and thus receive an additional amount of food, and this surgery for many, the most important is the benefits of weight reduction, ie, the desired objective in addition to that it is cured quickly and can control many dangerous factors that the patient is exposed to the infection, but for the negative aspects it is represented in the presence of some pain in the stomach or even infections, in addition to the sliding piece of plastic from its place or even demerger.

Quantization stomach process

Is the surgery also called stapling name tubular or quantitative, modern, expensive and considered more than gastric banding process, so the eradication of a large portion of the stomach up to 70% or more, specifically the part responsible for the secretion of the hormone hunger turns into the stomach then form to the shape of a banana fruit, and the patient after conducting, depending on fluid intake for about two weeks, and then gradually start eating natural foods. As for the negative effects of surgery, which shall be very simple and not accompanied by significant pain in the stomach as linked to the process; However, the patient stays here a few days in the hospital.

The difference between the processes of the stomach and connecting Tkmimha

To learn more information about the difference between each of the process of connecting the stomach and Tkmimha watched the video.


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