The effect of the high temperature of the planet Earth

The effect of the high temperature of the planet Earth


High temperature of the planet is a rise dramatically rate of temperature ground, or what is known as global warming, or what is known as the phenomenon of glass house, causing the temperature rise in general, becomes the globe like a glass at home, which enters the sun quantities rays large and out of it slowly.

The high temperature in the Northern Hemisphere is higher than the high temperature in the Southern Hemisphere, as the northern hemisphere is covered by large areas of snow, making it the largest heat absorption.

Reasons for the high temperature of the planet Earth

  • Increase the proportion of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere such as methane gas and carbon dioxide, as it absorbs carbon dioxide heat from the sun's rays, then released back into the atmosphere, thus raising the temperature of the earth in general.
  • Increase the proportion of water vapor in the atmosphere.
  • Increased pollution and release of products such as this pollution to the atmosphere, leading to trapping heat in it, and the most important of these pollutants products burning of fossil fuels such as gas, coal, and oil.
  • The ozone hole which causes leakage of UV rays Alsarh from the sun to Earth in large quantities.
  • Volcanic eruptions, which causes the emission of large amounts of gases and vapors to the atmosphere, increasing temperatures.
  • The phenomenon of occurrence of solar variability, which leads to the fluctuation of the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth.
  • The numerous humanitarian activities of the industrial revolution.

The effect of the high temperature of the planet Earth

  • Melting of snow at the poles, and the high water level in the seas and oceans, causing occurrence of devastating floods.
  • Many of the occurrence of disasters affecting agriculture, causing some loss of crops and damage.
  • Many extreme weather conditions occur in the weather, such as high temperatures to record levels in the regions, and falling to record grades in other areas, increased storms and hurricanes and frequency of occurrence.
  • Increase the likelihood of forest fires.
  • Many of the occurrence of environmental effects such as the sinking of many coastal cities and her disappearance, in addition to the sinking of the small islands.
  • Increased desertification area, so that vast tracts of barren land.
  • Death and extinction of many species of living organisms.
  • The spread of epidemics and infectious diseases, as the causes of diseases such as live micro-viruses, bacteria, fungi organisms very active in high-temperature, and become more able to reproduce and spread, as opposed to the cold temperatures that reduce its activity.


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