The importance of electric power

The importance of electric power


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Electric power is one of the energy in nature, types, and can be obtained through lightning, friction, and generated several ways that may be chemical, such as batteries, or by converting the kinetic energy into electrical energy by moving the wire conductor in a magnetic field as in generators, it has developed electricity human life a lot, so that it can not be dispensed to the bone and its importance will, and we will talk in this article about the importance of electrical energy, in addition to the methods of generation.

The importance of electric power

The importance of electric power big in save us from the darkness, lighting the lives of people at any time, Vkadima before electricity discovers he is relying on the sun for lighting the light so that their day ends when the sun sets as a result of being unable to carry out any activities, but now it has become light available at any which time enabled people to do their jobs at all times.

The importance of electricity also in helping them to man to increase productivity miscellaneous goods, and doing business in an expeditious manner, which relies factories in its present our time on electricity, which led to the increase in the quality of goods and development, as electricity interference in various medical devices, which are used to diagnose industry and treat diseases, and contributed to the expansion of medicine and its development and accuracy, and the intervention of electricity in the manufacture of some industrial parties that it is impossible to manufacture without electricity industry such as the heart.

Electricity has contributed to making the greatest achievement in the modern era, a computer that facilitated people's lives, which came in various their fields and is involved in making smart devices that brought the distances between people around the world, in addition to its entry in the aircraft industry, and all the devices available in the world.

Methods of electrical power generation

Typical ways

The typical methods of thermal power plants as the water heats up and turns into steam is used to rotate the turbine turbine steam spin Moakn to generate electricity a variety of capacities, and other typical roads stations and water, with the use of the potential energy of water complexes to rotate turbines turbine water spin Moakn to generate electricity Iqdarat mixed.

Roads are typical

The solar panels and is characterized by the electricity generated in this way continuous Pityarha, and can be converted to AC power, and if not connected to the electricity grid stored energy produced inside special batteries when needed, and other ways to use power plants by tidal energy, energy sea waves, Another way small plants to generate electricity and energy together, as these stations are used to produce heat for the purpose of water heating, heating with the production of a small amount of electricity.


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