The most beautiful landscape

The most beautiful landscape


  • 1 Mountains Rainbow
  • 2 Riley Beach
  • 3 Shikoku Island
  • 4 rice terraces Banawee
  • 5 Victoria Falls
  • 6 References

Mountains Rainbow

Located Mountains Rainbow Zhangi located in China, these mountains offer a landscape wonderful and exceptional, due to the constituent colors of the mountains, which makes it appear the rainbow appearance, and is due to the content of rare metals associated with stones, leading to discoloration of the sand in red , green, and yellow. [1]

Riley Beach

Riley Beach is located in the small peninsula of Thailand's islands and is one of the picturesque and distinctive places accessible by boat only, and can practice many fun activities in Riley Kedzlq rocks sloping limestone, and explore the vast caves, swimming towards the islands located nearby. [1 ]

Shikoku Island

Is the Shikoku island's fourth-largest islands of Japan, located in the north-west of Honshu, the main island and connected by cross-bridge, the island has many coastlines, mountain ranges, as many destinations with the aim pilgrimage linked to one of the temples mission there. [2]

Banawee rice terraces

Terraces Banawee rice was built about 20 thousand years ago, and was carved in Ifugao (mountains of Ifugao mountains) with an irrigation system that draws water from the surrounding forests, and despite growing a few of them with rice at the present time, but a large number of tourists may reach thousands offer to visit this place, allowing them to interact with the unique culture of its inhabitants. [3]

Victoria Falls

Pour into Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, which runs along the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and is surrounded by waterfalls Mentzhan national staff, and as one of the largest waterfalls in the world it derives its water from the rainwater falling on the nearby forests of the River Zambezi, and the most beautiful landscapes that can be seen in the area Victoria Falls occur at sunset when the moon is full, as it is a reflection of the moonlight on the water waterfall rainbow shape. [3]


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