The most beautiful landscapes

The most beautiful landscapes


  • 1 landscape
  • 2 most beautiful landscapes 2.1 Tulips fields 2.2 Hitachi garden Caves 2.3 Mendenhall Glacier 2.4 Son Dong Cave 2.5 Lake Hillier 2.6 groove Antelopes
  • 2.1 Tulips fields
  • 2.2 Hitachi garden
  • Caves 2.3 Mendenhall Glacier
  • 2.4 Son Dong Cave
  • 2.5 Lake Hillier
  • 2.6 groove Antelopes
  • 3 effect on human nature
  • 4 Protection of Nature
  • 5 References

natural views

The nature of breathtaking beauty, its mountains and plains, Bhjrha, and seas, and rivers. It gives human comfort and calm, fun, and happiness. It defines nature as the visual elements of the physical world, including plants, animals, landscapes, and others not to man in the hands of the author. Active tourism around the world desire to see the picturesque landscape. [1]

The most beautiful landscapes

The beautiful landscape varied in the world, and each features a view of something makes it different from other landscapes. The mention comes to the most famous landscapes around the world.

Tulips fields

The activities practiced by the tourists to enjoy what comes Tulips fields: [2] [3]

  • Kicks off tourists across the road in pairs between I and Etereng (in English: Oude Wetering) presence (in English: Gouda), to see the colorful fields of flowers, and windmills towering over the city.
  • Visit Kyuknhov lightning park breathtaking, located near the capital of Amsterdam, it has 7 million rose, and 2,500 trees, and 15 fountain decorated, as well as many lakes. As stand air mill dating back to 1892 AD. [4]
  • See Frans Hals Museum which contains great paintings by artists of the era drawings classic in the Netherlands, it was the Dutch tulip fields, a source of inspiration for artists.
  • The presence of the largest auction in the world reported in the city of Aalsmeer (in English: Aalsmer).

Hitachi garden

Hitachi Garden is located in Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan, 130 km northwest of the capital Tokyo. What makes this unique is the garden change color with the seasons of the year. In the spring flowers cover Alnamovila colored blue hill Miharashi, also covers the hill green bushes Kokia that turn with the cold in the autumn red color. Near the entrance to the park there are forests with fields of the Lord lilies and daffodils, tulips. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the garden or ride bikes in their allocated flowers across the tracks, or wander on foot in hiking trails that penetrate the park. The spread in the region places to rest and BBQ places. [5]

Caves Mendenhall Glacier

In a hidden world in the US state of Alaska, 12 miles from the city center of Juneau, glacial caves are formed due to the flow of water currents, coming from a river Mendenhall, about the glaciers to form solid ice. Therefore, these caves are changing their sizes and shapes from month to month, because of the different water flow. These caves are characterized in blue radiance and different shadows. The height of these caves about 15 feet, and can be accessed by road, or by boat floating in the lake. This is to visit the caves as a dangerous adventure, cool region is, and slippery, occurs where the fall of ice blocks, but that does not stand in the way in front of adventurers who love special areas. [6] [7]

Sun Dong Cave

Lake Hillier

Australia is known for the presence of several lakes with pink color, one of Lake Hillier. Lake Hillier is located 130 km from the city Asbranis west Australia. The tourists can enjoy the lake pink tour through Balheldopetr or by boat trip. The reason for the color pink water to the presence of single-cell microbes, live in salt water and produces Obbaga with color pink. [9] [10]

Antelopes groove

Rocks's ability to impress when it comes to Bokhaddod Antelopes, there are shades of yellow paint rocks color, blue, purple, pink, orange, in a way to impress the eye of the beholder. Vokhaddod Antelopes carved from the sands and waters of the Colorado River, as the walls of the groove in the form of curved and graceful layers, some of abraded to form beautiful formations show heads of tourists groove in the American city of Arizona, in the Navajo area, which lies some miles east of Big City. [11]

While walking in the groove discover that it is composed of two parts: [11]

  • The top: shine walls under the sun's rays that penetrate Antelopes through narrow openings.
  • Bottom: up to the stairs, and of up to five ladders, each ladder takes a low tourist area, where the walls become more stringent, and more diverse in its formations and colors, where natural sunlight bathes place more light.

The impact on human nature

Recent studies revealed the scientific and practical experiences, the extent of the positive impact that reflected on the human nature. It turns out that the human nature feel more connected with the consent of his life, as they relate directly proportional to the feeling of happiness and vitality. Not only that, but the nature of improvement in the mood of the human being, and reduce depression and anxiety. Some studies have provided a clear impact on the nature of the promotion of self-confidence in children, as they are motivated to unleash the creative abilities. [12]

Protection of Nature

Resort each country to protect the natural manifestations where, through the many active ones: [13]

  • Spreading environmental among different segments of society awareness.
  • Work studies and specialized research to get a base for the protection of nature and understanding.
  • Encourage popular participation in the protection of nature and the environment.


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