The most important mountain ranges in the world

The most important mountain ranges in the world


  • 1 Andes
  • 2 Rocky Mountains
  • 3 Atlas Mountains
  • 4 Himalayas
  • 5 References

Andes Mountains

The Andes Mountains (in English: Andes) of mountain ranges longer on the ground, which is located in South America along up to seven thousand kilometers, stretching in the land of Argentina, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Chile, also contain this series on the mountain range of live volcanoes, as characterized by its climate diverse, [1] in addition to the existence of a group of traces of ancient civilizations in which, and contain tropical glaciers, Mount Okonkagua summit in Argentina is the highest peak in the Andes mountain range; It reaches a height of 6962 meters. [2]

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains (in English: Rocky Mountains) in the continent of North America, specifically in the north-west part, is made up of a hundred separate at least the scope of the series, divided into four main groups vary among themselves in relation to the characteristics of geological land, namely: [3 ]

  • Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Rocky Mountains located in northern Montana, northern and eastern parts of the state of Idaho.
  • Central Rocky Mountains located in Wyoming, Utah, and the south-east of Idaho.
  • Southern Rocky Mountains, especially in the states of New Mexico, and Colorado.
  • Colorado Plateau, located in the state of Utah, and all of Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico as well.

Atlas mountains

Atlas Mountains (English: Atlas) in the continent of Africa, specifically in the north-west, which stretches over an area of ​​more than two thousand kilometers, in three African countries, namely: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and is considered the Mount Toubkal summit of the highest Atlas mountain peaks; It reaches a height of 4,165 meters, [4] which characterizes the Atlas Mountains fit on a wide range of minerals, sediments, such as phosphates, which are important, in addition to containing lead and zinc, manganese, silver, and copper economic wealth. [5]


Himalayas (located in English: Himalaya) in the continent of Asia, and includes a large group of rivers, the most important of the River Ganges (in English: Ganges), in addition to a wide range of mountains up to over fifty mountain, including Everest summit, which is the point top on this earth, stretching the Himalayas to rise peaks within five countries, namely China, India, Nepal, as well as Pakistan and Bhutan. It is worth mentioning that the age of the Himalayas up seventy million years, but it is its name derived from the original Sanskrit means: home made of ice; The first part of the name (Hema) means: the snow, the second part (of whatever) it means: home. [6]


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