The operating system in the computer

The operating system in the computer


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The operating system in the computer

The operating system is defined as a program on the hard drive from which to enable computers devices even operate and communicate with other allocated programs, and in general without an operating system in the computer will not anyone can make use of his device, [1] where the computer operating performance of basic functions of systems such as the identification of inputs that are entered from the keyboard, sending output across the display screen, consider the files on the storage drives, and control devices connected to the computer, such as printers. [2]

Operating Systems famous

There are many operating systems, but the most common systems in personal computing and business processes are the following systems: [2]

  • Windows: Microsoft Windows (English: Microsoft Windows) is a set of operating systems used on personal computers and commercial devices, where dominates the world of personal computer, and provides a graphical interface called GUI, which is multi-tasking, and supports many devices that connect to your computer.
  • Mac: Mac OS is an official name for the Apple Macintosh operating system (in English: Apple Macintosh), and features a graphical interface called GUI, and applications running on a Macintosh computer.
  • Linux: Linux operating system (in English: Linux) is an operating system distributed to wide ranges, and works on different systems of computers, and in general was developed by Linus Torvalds Linus Torvalds.

Operating system components

The operating system of the group consists of parts, however, the three basic components of any operating system are: [3]

  • Nucleus: specializes in core Kernel key roles through which to read the data in memory, and execute commands, determine the method of receiving data, sent by computer tools, such as: screen, keyboard, and mouse, as well as to identify ways to interpret the data that is received through networks.
  • User Interface: allows the user interface User Interface interaction with the user, and is done through graphical icons, desktop, and command line.
  • APIs: The code is written through the typical APIs Application Programming Interfaces.


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