The people followed

The people followed

Followed by people in the Holy Quran

Cited God in his book al-Hakim said many of the ancient tribes who had been a lesson for those behind them, and the people of these tribes who followed mentioned in the subject of the book of God, and that what is stated in Surah smoke. The Almighty: (the most good mother said, followed by folk and those before them Ohlknahm they were criminals).

Followed by the title is called from his country condemned Yemen from the Arabian Peninsula, which is the collection of all the king of Sheba, and donkeys, and Hadramout, the king of one of these areas do not call it the title followed. Followed by the name derived from the shadow; Vazl follows the sun, the King also follows the sun, ie, it starts everywhere the sun shines on it for the invasion and war.

The consequence of the people followed

Followed by people who are the happiest people Humairi, known as Abu distress, nicknamed the words of historians as is tracking specialists, this has had a great King Sultan, and was a significant, his property has reached a great amount, and God Almighty gave him what prevented him from others. The scholars differed followed Was he a king or a prophet? There are those who went on to be a prophet, and there are those who said he was a king.

Which is said about it was not followed by a Muslim, then guided to the right through the grace of Allah, and that he was condemning the religion of Moses exalt his mention, he lived before Jesus sends the Messenger of Allah exalt his mention, as it is said also that he went to Mecca pilgrims, and he clothed Kaaba silk, bone and the Sacred House. It is also stated that he passed Yathrib and was told the city that it will migrate to the ring of the Prophet, Fzationa also said poetry in the last decade Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him.

In talking about the people who followed it it was said that they Sheba, and they destroyed Balsel Aerm mentioned by God in his holy book, specifically in Al Sheba. The Almighty said: (Voaradwa We sent them a torrent Aerm and Bdlnahm Bjntehm committees Zuta eat Khmt and Ethel and something Seder few), has a number of commentators said that God shed on the dam water rat, Vnaqb dam overflowed its water to the bottom of the valley, destroying aspects of life there, the buildings were destroyed, he went bliss in which they were in it, and robbed them of God everything in a moment.

Some commentators also reported that the loss has not been given according to the same; But it received only his people, and this requires that it has survived, and there went from historians that the sons followed their princes of lambs, based on what is stated in the inscriptions.


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