The phenomenon of drought in Morocco

The phenomenon of drought in Morocco


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The phenomenon of drought

Is the case of a lack of severe water resources that occur to a particular area, it may last for a period of time, up to several months or years, and spoke of this phenomenon for the reasons for certain factors that lead to lower rainfall than normal for this region, and in spite of this continuing phenomenon for a few years, but they are bound to influence significantly on the ecosystem, and on agriculture in particular.

Only the United Nations statistics, the land and areas of fertile proportion affected by drought and climate variability, the size of the State of Ukraine itself, and it is limited to only that, but this phenomenon contributed to increasing the proportion of migrations population, and other human disasters in the regions of the Horn of Africa and the African coast.

The phenomenon of drought in Morocco

Morocco has the phenomenon of drought since ancient times, and has become a growing year after year to spread widely in the early eighties, as reports revealed that Morocco has suffered during the twentieth century, more than ten periods of drought major, was the decline in surface water materials and the decay of eyes water wells, which It led to agricultural and livestock production decline and vegetation.

One of the most prominent and most severe drought that occurred in 1935, so that she did not come down one drop of water in this period, and saw the poor condition of the hunger deadly epidemics that claimed the lives of thousands of human beings and animals, which make people interpret that what is happening to them is God's punishment , the main preoccupation of the people caused by sin and heresy.

The causes of drought in Morocco

The reasons for the drought in Morocco in the field of agriculture in particular, and come back for several reasons:

  • Poor in the exploitation and management of irrigated land: and is in the excessive quantity of irrigated by, with consequent soil salinization, and sinking water, leading to a decline in production or lack thereof.
  • Natural causes: It is caused by climatic changes that occurred during different periods of time, it was caused by deserts be that covered vast areas of land, major Kasahra in Africa and the Empty Quarter in the Arabian Peninsula, and this effect is still the deserts on its neighboring areas to this day.
  • Human activity: The large increase in the number of population, resulting in an increase in the proportion of consumption of resources, as well as the social and economic development, resulting in increased demand for agricultural products on the population irregularly.

Types of drought

Drought occurs on several types of turning general weakness in the agricultural and economic resources, and these types are:

  • Climate drought: It is a lack of rainfall received by the region suffering from drought.
  • Agricultural drought: It is a weakness and severe decline in agricultural crops and livestock.
  • Drought Alheidroljugi: The kind of drought in severe shortage of water resources; Kalaaon, esoteric and mattresses, and water wells.

Climate drought is considered the main cause of controlled largely in other types of drought.


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