The reason for not going down weight with dieting and sports

The reason for not going down weight with dieting and sports


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The descent of weight

People who want to reduce their weight to reduce the extra calories they get from food and beverage needs, and increase calories burned by the body by increasing physical activity, and may not be the implementation of this plan is not easy, so it can require people who suffer from an increase in weight to consult a doctor or specialist, determine the goals they want to achieve, and develop a plan to deal with the obstacles they face through it. [1]

Reasons for not going down weight

There are many reasons that can cause undescended weight, and most important of these reasons include the following: [2]

  • Lack of awareness of the weight lost: Since it is common not to diminish the weight on the balance for some days or weeks, but that does not mean that the body did not lose fat, fluctuating body weight according to the food you eat a person, and the hormones can affect the amount of water that keeps the body, and the body gets muscle while losing fat in it, and it happens especially when the person who has recently begun to exercise sports, it is worth mentioning that in this case can use other measures to provide knowledge of the person, and these standards; Body fat percentage, waist circumference, and it should be noted that unless stationary for more than two weeks weight, there is no need to worry.
  • Eating insufficient amounts of protein: it improves the intake of protein up to 25-30% of calories from metabolism by thermal 80-100sarh per day, and helps to reduce the desire to eat, studies have indicated that people who eat a rich breakfast protein are less feeling hungry, and less desire to eat, and on the other hand, the protein contributes to prevent metabolism slow down, which usually gets with weight loss, it also prevents weight regain after diet.
  • Eating large amounts of calories: where he suffers a lot of people from the problem of not losing weight because of eating large amounts of calories exceed their estimates, so it's good food weight you eat a person to monitor the calories consumed, and it is not necessary to do so on a daily basis, but enough a few days of each month, and on the other hand, eating a lot of meals even though small can lead to increase the amount of calories and thus prevent weight loss.
  • Not eating whole foods: It is the type of food and the quantity covered by an important person, where they can help healthy foods to regulate appetite, improve health, as these foods help to satiety more compared with processed foods.
  • Not to practice weightlifting exercises: where resistance exercises such as raising weights contribute to maintaining muscle mass, which is usually burned with fat in the absence of the exercise of this kind of exercise, and on the other hand, lifting weights can help to prevent slowing down the process of metabolism, survival strong and muscular body, plus it can cause not to exercise aerobic exercise or cardio (in English: Cardio) not to lose weight.
  • Ravenous disorder food (in English: Binge Eating): It is one of the symptoms that can infect people when you follow the diet, where they start eating quickly and in quantities in excess of the need of the body, is also true if the food was healthy, since large it amounts It means a lot of calories.
  • Eating sugary drinks: as sugary drinks are one of the most food-causing obesity, where the brain does not compensate for the calories by eating less food amounts, and these beverages; Soft drinks and some health drinks containing sugar, and even fruit juices.
  • Not to reduce the amount of carbohydrate: it needs people who are suffering from a significant increase in weight, or problems in metabolism; Such as diabetes type II, or introductions to diabetes (in English: Pre-diabetes) to follow a diet low in carbohydrates, where One study indicated that this type of diet helps to reduce weight by two to three times compared with the low-fat systems, as can be It helps to improve metabolic indicators such as triglycerides (in English: triglycerides), blood sugar, cholesterol and good.
  • Sleep time is not enough: it is a good sleep of the basic factors for the health of the body, mind and weight, where studies indicate that poor sleep is one of the risk factors for obesity.
  • Not drinking water: where it can contribute to drinking water in weight loss; Where one study found that people who drank half a liter of water before the meal, half an hour lost weight by 44% more than those who did not drink the water, as burning calories water increases by 24-30% after an hour and a half.
  • Some medical conditions: since there are some medical conditions that contribute to weight gain, and cause difficulty reducing weight, and these cases; Hypothyroidism (in English: Hypothyroidism), and apnea, sleepwalking (English: Sleep apnea), and PCOS (in English: Polycystic ovarian syndrome), and on the other hand, some medications also can increase the difficulty of weight loss, or cause an increase in weight.
  • Body feeling hungry for a long time: where you can have to follow the diet for a long time the idea is good, ie if the person has lost weight during several months and reached a constant weight can take a break to increase calorie intake by a few hundred per day, lifting weights, sleep time larger, and maintain levels of fat in the body for a month to two months and then try to lose weight again.

Tips for the descent of weight

Helps you follow the following tips to reduce the weight properly: [3]

  • Calorie control eaten by the person continuously.
  • Knowledge of calories to burn the body needs in order to lose weight.
  • Maintain a list of exercise that must be done to follow.
  • Hiring a personal coach.
  • The development of new standards for measuring success, such as placing the goal of completing a certain number of exercises during the week.

Video justification for not losing weight

Watch the video to know more about the justification not to lose weight:


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