The right of freedom

The right of freedom


  • 1 definition of the right of freedom
  • 2 forms of freedom 2.1 freedom of assembly 2.2 Freedom of expression 2.3 Freedom of speech 2.4 Religious Freedom
  • 2.1 freedom of assembly
  • 2.2 Freedom of expression
  • 2.3 Freedom of speech
  • 2.4 Religious Freedom
  • 3 References

Definition of the right of freedom

Defined freedom as the right or power to act or speak, [1] and the ability to choose goals, think and act self-directed, and is often associated with freedom issues of free will, which is essential to the issues of moral responsibility, personal identification, and even the political life of democracy. [ 2]

Forms of Freedom

Freedom of assembly

Know the freedom of assembly or freedom of association as an individual right to assembly and expression collectively for common interests, promote and request and defend them, and are free to recognize the association among human rights, and are classified as political and civil liberties, and despite the rights of freedom of assembly, but it can be restricted through laws that protect public safety. [3]

freedom of expression

The freedom of expression of the fundamental rights enshrined in human rights in article 19 of the Declaration Universal Human Rights, along with the associated rights of his freedom of information and freedom of the press, and working freedom of expression as a tool enabling all other rights, and the preservation of this application right by UNESCO, which is engaged in the study of many of the issues of freedom of expression, privacy, and ethics on the Internet. [4]

Freedom of speech

Implies the right to speak on the individual's ability to express information, ideas and opinions without a limitation of governments, and without fear of restrictions on freedom of speech, while imposing restrictions and laws on freedom of speech in the event of the speech in question was frank and clear what constitutes a threat, or safety hazard, or other public interests. [5]

Religious Freedom

Defined religious freedom as the freedom of the individual or society to manifest religion, beliefs, and the practice of worship explicitly, as long as these practices did not involve breaking other laws, this right includes freedom to recognize the change of religion or simply not to follow any religion, and though Veugd areas in the world does not recognize religious freedom, for example, are sent to religious rehabilitation camps in North Korea and China. [6]


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