The subject of an expression of air pollution

The subject of an expression of air pollution

My oh home pots, and the identity of inhabited Sentimental before live my papers, you are in the heart will remain, and you apartment, and you Amani, ATIC whenever the heart housing are filled mind the concerns of the world and its troubles, Votoml your fields and Tlaek blue and your heaven, and fumbling with you tranquility and peace of mind, but worries over the heart is twisted whenever you smell toxins odors redolent in Hoaik innocent, and felt winning him through the faint souls who do not respect your destiny and love should also be pollution.

I came back after Weird to my beloved and I am entirely longing to inhale olive odors, thyme, and fragrant hot coffee, to be surprised smell of car exhaust and smoke, and occupied factories of serenity my country, stallion Besdra pain Kalem stabbed past knife, lit up in the mental pictures of the time of a beautiful, clean country sends pleasure to heart, not countries cause diseases to my chest, causing me coughing whenever the air inhalation interested reaction spirit to myself.

Factory owners and companies causing chemical and biological pollution in the air do not realize the size of the damage Espbonh to their parents and their neighbors and their fellow countrymen? Smoke diseases addict not aware of the negative effects caused by both passed next to him by the poison inhaled that? The owner of the car not to realize that he likes poisoning as a result of not repair his car to reduce emissions beyond them, opting for a car-loving environment, at least?

Not only that, but goes beyond it up to cause harm and damage to the entire universe, to hurt the ozone layer, causing a change the balance of the Earth and the environment, and drying the water which threatens only mass destruction, and the end of the healthy living on the ground, the whole humanity and the end result of exposure to diseases, bronchitis and diseases of the respiratory system.

It hurts me more to see my people do not follow the necessary continued to live life Hinah health steps in their own country and on their land, and do not care even think about what will happen in the future for our children if they continued pollution in the current Azdiadh; Where Christlmon clean and pure air to lighten the flames from their chests, and the smell of fragrant inhale their countries that have not heard of it only in history books.

And do not forget to mention that the state do Bmsaouliha by studying the country's infrastructure, and the redistribution of land and allocate specific areas for industrial purposes, and factories causing pollution, leaving remote areas populated and forests without poison and pollution, refreshing air pushes them to enjoy the population to wake up every morning, and open Navzthm to enjoy beautiful atmosphere D to the attention of the country's population do.


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