The subject of an expression of preserving the environment

The subject of an expression of preserving the environment

the Preservation of the environment

The gift of the Environment Almighty God to man, it is the nature in which we live and benefit from them, which are living organisms, water, air and soil, has mocked God Almighty environment and all the service of human, and make it ready for him, it is the secretariat in the neck, and maintain and prevent prejudice to the order of necessities, and the responsibility of society as a whole, especially as it has become exposed recently to many acts of vandalism and pollution, increasing the imbalance of environmental, and exacerbate environmental problems that cause damage to humans directly or indirectly, from this standpoint, is the preservation of the environment of the things that It must be placed in the hierarchy of priorities, in order to avoid all risks resulting from contamination.

It is worth mentioning that all elements of the environment are affected and affect each other, and any disruption or destruction caused to the element of these elements immediately affects the rest of the other elements, namely the preservation of the environment must be thoroughly and completely, without condoning any of their major components and sub. Exposed to the environment for many violations by human, pollution, chemical sources and the most important of which human thrown in the air, water and soil and cause pollution, they also cause the killing of plants and animals, and the extinction of many of them, so it must be disposed of these chemicals safe ways, away from any possible contamination.

To preserve the environment, you should avoid the practice of many negative behaviors, notably overfishing, which contributes to the extinction of many animals, posing an imbalance in the ecological balance, as well as avoiding deforestation and burning, because the trees are the lungs of the world, and the source of oxygen that you breathe living organisms and the plants beautify the environment, soothing air temperature, and contribute to the climate of moderation, and reduce the proportion of dust and dust that are in the air, and prevent soil erosion.

You must find the appropriate solutions that ensure that no damage to the environment, people are required to maintain them, especially the owners of factories, controls and provisions of these laws and to cover legal cover, in order to constitute a deterrent for each person who causes put pollutants into the environment, and fortunately, has become in most countries of the world Ministries Directorates and associations concerned with the preservation of the environment.

Preservation of the environment, gain the world image of the most beautiful and pompous, and make it a better place to live, and maintain clean makes the infection less disease, and preserves the right of future generations to live in a clean and good environment, and preserves species of plants and animals from extinction.


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